Loop stop/start question

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I must be missing something. This seems really basic. I have a 2 bar percussion loop playing. I have an 8 bar guitar loop playing on another loop. I need to stop the guitar loop for 1 bar. Then restart it at the beginning. Loopy seems to mute the loop while continuing its progress silently. Is there a loop restart command I'm missing? I'm sure the answer is obvious and I'm stupid. I know there is a session pause, but I need the percussion to continue.


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    @Csewell - you are not missing much and your observations are correct, except there is not a Simple command to do what you want.

    There may be other ways of doing it, but the following is my suggestion:

    • Count-in/out Mute On
    • Mute the guitar loop ( as you mention - single tap for count-out mute double tap for immediate mute )
    • unmute guitar loop with single tap (count-in mute) after it mutes from previous step but before 1 bar.
    • use Restart session midi binding or double tap the Play/Pause button at the end of the bar. Depending on if you use midi or the UI for this. This will set All loops back to 12:00, the pending UnMute on the guitar loop will take effect and continue playing All loops from their start. Mute status will not be changed for other loops.

    *** NOTE - the last step is completely manual timing!!!!!!!

    Let me know how it works for you.

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