problem at the junction of the recorded cycle

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It's getting a cut at the junction of the recorded cycle. Ideally anyone noticing where it ends and begins recording.
Any ideas on how to solve this?


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    iPhone 5c iOS 8.1.1 Loopy HD 1.4.10

    Synchronized count-in/out On
    Fade in/out disabled

    No gaps between end and start of loop. Copied track into AudioShare and trimmed just the ends to look at.

    Do you get this on all loops or just the first, or ...?

  • I think loopy loses some at the start. when used AudioBus synchronizing with loopy and drumjam, when stationary and is triggered to start recording already, this junction is evident. but when the recording is triggered with loopy already in progress, this problem does not happen. the old problem of processing and midi sync.

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