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Help me create my rig

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Loopy looks great, and I would like to use it as a live performance looper. I am completely new to the iPad, however, and I don't really know what hardware I need for my setup.

I use guitar, tape machines, and synth as sound sources. I would like a way to input all three into Loopy. I also need a way to get the sound from the iPad to an amp or PA. Some sort of footswitch to control the loop input would be helpful as well.

What hardware do I need?


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    Check out what i'm doing on this post...

    Using a small board and the tascam iu2, input mics and instruments into channels, and route the iPad (using the tascam iu2) as the effect. This gives you the ability to send one or more of the channels to loopy at a time, and your effect return gain knob controls the loop volume.

  • Stereo out on the board to venue board and pa for club gigs. Stereo out to a onstage amp for coffee house gigs.
  • Great thanks so much for the advice. Would it be possible to run everything into a usb mixer, connect through the camera kit and just run out the headphone jack?
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