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iPad Air 2

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Hi guys,

I've been hearing some weird things about the iPad Air 2 lately, and I'm trying to form a general picture about how it's behaving with Loopy.

So: if you have an Air 2, how are things? Are you getting any pops/crackles? Any other problems?



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    Yes. Short burst of white noise/crackle immediately when opening the app about 60% of the time. The session doesn't matter (blank or existing).

    Sampletank in input to loopy in output using AB corrupts midi data going to sampletank when using an external controller (fishman triple play). Sticky notes, missed notes, etc. Put another app in the output (Effectrix) and it is back to normal. (Edit: This might be sampletank issue after all. Apparently IK has admitted issues with virtual midi.)

    Random crackles that are intermittent when playing a loopy session. It will get crackly for a short while and then return to normal for a while. Edit: the crackles sound more like a fast skip or glitch.

    The main issue is that there are too many variables to figure this out. New iPad, apps have been updated to new versions (several times in some instances), new iOS8.1.1, etc. I wish I had more details on what I think the issue is but it has gotten to the point that I dread using iOS for music anymore because it ends in frustration. Sorry so harsh but it is my reality at the moment.

  • Ugh, yuck. Yep, this is consistent with what I've heard from another couple of people. You're not wrong about there being too many variables, this stuff is hard. Looks like I might need to get myself an Air 2 though, see if I can do some diagnosis on my own.

  • Right. Air 2 ordered and on its way. Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of this.

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    So it really is only the air 2 users that are reporting these issues? I hope I didn't get myself into another iPad 3 situation with this thing. :(

  • I've not heard of any other devices doing this, no - and I've heard about the Air 2 doing other bad things, like introducing massive monitor delay, causing huge glitches whenever one scrolls in a UIScrollView, and another weird thing I can't quite bring to mind right now...

    I think it's a dud =/

  • I think it may just be growing pains. New chip, new speed, stupid iOS update. I am officially letting the forum know (I already let Michael know) that Apple checked my iPad Air 2 and found it solid. And I did have issues with IOS 8 on my now traded iPad 4. So, I am optimistic. And it's not like I have been unable to make music on my iPad Air 2. I have been and I have saved loops and projects to show for it. And I will say here, Thank you Michael Tyson for being a committed developer.

  • Yeah, I'd like to think things will settle down. I'm definitely going to take a close look and see if there's anything I can do from my end.

    And thank you =)

  • My friend once broke his iPad Air 2,then everything is gone.Is this a problem?

  • That is indeed a problem, but not quite the type I'm looking for =)

  • Well,not meet yet!When i find something,i will share it with you!

  • Regarding the audio latency issue when using the internal mic on the iPad Air 2, I just did a very interesting test. When I plugged in a pair of Sony Headphones with a 1/8 two ring tip into my iPad Air 2 and tried the internal mic with several applications, I noticed a bit of delay. When I plugged in the Apple buds with the built in Mic, the Latency was gone. I also plugged in a Blue Mikey Digital (using a 30 pin to Lightning adaptor) and no latency occured. Just adding some of my diagnositc information.

  • Whoa - that's bizarre!

  • Hey Michael,

    I was planning on getting an iPad Air 2 in a few days for a new loopy setup. I know your focusing on the Masterpiece edition, but do you know if your going to be able to tackle this once you receive your iPad Air 2? It's funny to think that my biggest motivation for upgrading my iPad is centered around loopy :)

    Also a question for others – have these issues been debilitating or intermittent?


  • Hey Ryan,

    I'm not sure, I'm afraid. The Air 2's arrived, and sure enough, it's got some serious latency problems, which affect every app I tried, including GarageBand. Fortunately, there's one exception - JamUp - and I'm talking to Positivegrid to see if we can figure out what they're doing differently. Right now they're as baffled as I, but hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it, but I can't make any promises. I've also reported the issue to Apple.

    Anyway, all I can say is: exercise caution. Looks like all isn't necessarily rosy in iPad Air 2 -land.

  • That's a bummer, thanks for looking into it though!! I bought one anyway on black friday so hopefully the updates start rolling out – super surprising that Garageband is affected...really :P

    Let us when anything changes (or if apple releases a fix for all programs :)

    Thanks Michael.


  • @ryanclayton7 - you're not alone. I sold an iPad 2 and bought an iPad 4 because of Loopy.

    And a Presonus 22VSL

    And a Yamaha MFC10

    And a powered USB hub

    And an expensive iPad mic stand holder


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    Hi Michael!
    Just recently got the new ipad air 2 and have been working with loopy hd for a few days now. I have yet to do anything very extensive, but thus far it awesome! Can't wait for the masterpiece!
    A couple things I did notice last night; it is very difficult to get a loop to clear. After swiping the loop to get to the clear option, I have to tap 'clear' about 5 of 6 times to get it to work. Also getting a loop to merge or move to a new loop was very difficult.

    I have not noticed any problems with any other aspects of the touch interface, or noticeable latency, as of yet

    P.S. Is there a function in loopy that allows you to start overdubbing a loop and have the original gradually fade out while the new loop is recorded?

  • Thanks for the report @xencage! Hey, you're right, that is really unresponsive! I'll see if I can figure out why it's doing that.

    Yep - it's called "Decay", and you'll find it by bringing up the track menu (hold), then swipe around in a circle to access the additional controls.

  • Hey Michael,

    Just got my iPad Air 2 - As I feared I can't use Loopy currently :/

    I do get quite a bit of latency and the app seems to lag - like when recording, the waveforms seems to distort and warble unnaturally. I experience the pops as well.

    Hopefully a solution comes soon — I can't wait to use my new loopy setup!


  • Ah! Decay! Great! Loopy has just officially put my boomerang III out of business.
    If it's any help, I'm using an iPad air 2 128gb with the latest iOS update. I installed loopy after updating. It seems to be helpful with some apps (like animoog) to completely shut down the iPad after installing. Maybe this will help with some of the issues people are having with loopy, that are different than mine?
    Thanks, again, Michael for the great app, and awesome support.

  • Still looking into this. Interestingly, it seems latency is fine when using Apple's 4-pin headphones. Just not other headphones. Bug reported to Apple, and I'm talking with PositiveGrid to figure out why their stuff works!

  • Although I don't have an iPad Air 2 I do hope the problems will get sorted out soon. It's such a shame this great new machine, finally with 2 GB of RAM, isn't working properly for music making. May the force be with you, Michael! :-)

  • Hi guys,

    Just downloaded Loopy for my iPad Air 2.

    I am also having some problems with latency - and pops as well.

    Tried to use that on Audiobus - everything on 256 frames - creating loops with some apps (Animoog, ThumbJam, DrumJam).

    I have the feeling that also if I am playing very tight, the loops is not as tight as I played.

    I also tried to record in real time drum loops from DrumJam.
    On 4 - 8 or wathever measures, when the recording cycle is ended, the loop will start some time after - like a big delay - compared to the loop working on DrumJam.

    Hope that my info would be useful to solve those problems as soon as possible.



  • Hi again,

    I was playing with Thumb Jam + 2 effects (reverb and amp simulator).

    If I am on the audiobus - thumb jam and effects main page, everything seems to work good.

    Once I switch on the Loopy main page to work on the loops, glitches and noises starts. I just have to come back to audiobus page and everything is stable - clean again.

    That's weird, also because the CPU never reach the 25% of use.



  • Ah, that's interesting, Marco! I heard from another developer recently that there seem to be problems with graphics on the Air 2, particularly with scrolling views. Loopy does have a few moving elements, and your experience tends to support the theory. The bad news is I have no idea what to do about that, besides telling Apple. Maybe it's something that can be resolved with an OS update, but barring that (and barring making apps nonvisual!) I'm not sure there's much we can do!

    Goddammit, Apple.

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    Thanks Michael,

    I really hope it would be fixed soon.

    It's so a shame to don't be able to use it on the stage for this reason.


  • Tell me about it. We're really pissed off about the Air 2.

  • @marcopar - Just curious, did the iOS 8.1.2 update help your issues?

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    Nevermind. I thought I might be having better luck with the latest update but after sitting down today to mess with even a simple setup: Hardware input > Tonestack > Loopy was actually pretty ok with only an occasional glitch. As soon as I tried to add anything else in another row (sampletank or Effectrix or Thor or etc.) into loopy output it was a total meltdown. Sucks so bad.

    And loopy really is extra unresponsive for me too. Takes multiple tries to get it to respond.

  • That's horrible. If only Android didn't suck so bad, and along with Windows 8 have such a crappy small marketplace ;-)

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