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Importing audio

edited November 2014 in Support and Feedback

I'm looking at this tutorial about track importing on atastypixel.com, and it says "drag audio files into Loopy's documents folder in iTunes." Can someone explain this to me? I've been struggling with iTunes for the past hour, trying to find a "documents folder" but I sure don't see one. Under my iPad in iTunes, it lists "summary," "apps," "music," movies..." etc,. and I've looked through all of them, but no Loopy documents folder. I did find Loopy HD listed under apps, but it's just the app icon; nothing happens when I click it or right-click it. I've got these audio files on my computer that I want to use in Loopy, and I tried just dragging them onto "Music" on my iPad, but they still don't show up in Loopy.

Your help is appreciated!


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