Master Volume Midi CC Binding

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Dear, after a session is finished I want to record this session to a final mix (record option in Loopy HD).

I found it easier to change Pan, Track Volume and Toggle individual tracks with an Midi controller on the device. So currently I work on a TouchOSC template which controls Loopy HD for Record option only.
The only thing I miss within the Midi Bindings is something like a 'Master Volume Control'.
This would make it easy to fade in/out a final mix. Any ideas how to implement this or any workaround?

Michael, I am looking forward to this feature! Maybe in any of the next updates?

Thank you!


  • This would be a much appreciated feature.

  • I would also really appreciate this. I'm currently doing this with MiMix, but it would be a really nice feature inside Loopy.

  • Yes please! I really need this for performance. For now I have one volume control bound to every loop's volume. This allows me to turn everything down in a pinch, but relative volumes aren't maintained. Turning the ipad output down maintains relative volumes but then I have to turn down all audio apps.

    I'm loving setting up this amazing app. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Okay, just found MiMix. Looks to be the solution!

  • Good point, this probably should be in there... it's already built into upcoming Loopy Pro, but I'll see about retrofitting it to Loopy =)

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