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Running 2 inputs into loopy

edited June 2012 in Equipment

I am deciding on what equipment to buy for my Performance set up. Im not very knowledgable about what can do what so forgive me. I have and iPhone and an I touch. What I would like to do is use a mic and guitar through loopy with effects, although at this point I only want simple effects( reverb etc)..I also want to use a foot pedal to control the looping and effects for both.

I wanted to only have to use my phone for the effects and loopy but I realize that running apps into each other is not possible...yet

My idea to connect my mic and guitar to my phone was to use an irig for my guitar and an irig pre for my mic and connect both of those to a headphone splitter coming out of my phone. I would have a irig midi connected at the bottom to a foot pedal ( behringer fcb 1010?). And somehow connect that to a speaker.

My other idea is to connect the mic and guitar into a small mixer with simple effects and have that running into the phone. Also having a foot pedal if possible. And then having it all run out to a speaker.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you could explain how you would connect things and such. Thanks!


  • Hi chowe,

    AFAIK using a headphone splitter to connect an iRig + iRig pre won't work. Using a mixer with effects would certainly do the job, with the output connected to an iRig or similar.
  • irig is horrible by the way. google 'crosstalk'
  • Hallo chowe,

    check out the tascam iu2. Thats the only affordable ios-Inface for iphone, that can manage audio (2) AND midi.
  • Thanks for the advice!

    If not the irig what do you recommend?

    Also what do you think would be the best way to connect to a speaker?
  • I can´t say, that i truly recommend the iu2. I´ve had some problems with it: sometimes the loops turned into strange sounds. But I don´t know the reason.

    If you´re really asking for the "best way" for the iphone ... the RME UCX might do this job very good. I can´t tell from personal experiences, just recommend to check out. From the interfaces outputs you go to a Mixer and direct in your active speakers.
  • Yeah the iu2 is badly built
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