Rc 300 controlling Loopy HD?

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Hi! I have a RC 300 and iPad-loopy HD, which works fine with FCB 1010-midi bendings. For me I want to use Loopy as a "extension" of the RC 300. The RC 300 is the tempo-master, but is it possible to send a midi-command to loopy from the RC 300? The "All Start"-Button of the RC 300 shall do "pause session and restart".


  • You'll need to stress test any configuration where Loopy is not the clock master.

    Loopy is fab when it is the master, but slave mode is still not perfect due to random sync instability which manifests mostly as Loopy's loops losing inter-loop sync within Loopy playback. Sorry for the alliteration!

    For some users the current external sync works fine, for others (such as my band) it's still a bit too flaky/risky for live shows unless Loopy is master.

    It may be related to differing implementations of Start, Stop and Continue from external master devices, rather than Loopy actually losing the Clock (tempo). IOW, the loss of sync doesnt appear to be a loss of Clock, but might instead be flakiness when receiving the 3 other MIDI Clock components - Start, Stop and Continue.

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