My dream looper - re: masterpieces

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I originally sent this idea to loopy and got told no, but maybe now is the time to revive it?

A digital Loop Pedal that keeps all the loops, lets you edit and rearrange them, and stays out of the way when inspiration calls!
The closest I've seen to this is Digital Performers Polar

Imagine you hit record, you play something live – a guitar, a synth – for me it’d be all mic or line recordings, no soft synths for me – and every iteration, every loop you play is recorded and layered, each on becomes a new track in the loop.

You can then chuck bad ones, pull out some to be in the next part of the song, drag and drop blocks of loops to make arrangement along a timeline in an unlimited number of layers (tracks)

So really similar to pro tools loops recording except you can keep every iteration rather than just picking one. And move them around in the arrangement to create whole songs from one looped record session.

And really similar to loopy, except each time the loop goes round it’s recording to a separate layer, so you can keep doing different things, and jamming over yourself, and picking and keeping or chucking or moving parts to be later in the song on a timeline.

If I knew anything about programming I’d make it myself…. For ios


  • Oh I didn't know the video would embed, I'm not advocating copying polar, I think there's better non-daw ways to do this idea hence my attempt to describe in the google doc with pictures.

  • Oops, sorry for the delay, @Lushr, I missed this!

    This is a really interesting idea. I'm gonna have a think about it. I'm actually pretty sure the idea about track layers I've been playing with over the last few days may serve this purpose already - just needs a few tweaks. I'll talk about this on the blog soon.

  • Yeah you can see my visualisations are really different from the look of loopy, but I do think your idea of "stacks" works perfectly with the same idea.

  • Definitely tricky though! See the blog for my latest thoughts about it - not sure how to proceed yet.

  • Hi Lushr,

    sounds interesting. I did something similar for Ableton live, no exactly the same, but really interesting. As you are recording, it creates layers but each last layer has the previous layer included. And so you have full undo operation and you can remix it later if you want. It also has automultiply, so each loop is multiplied automatically untill you press to end the loop recording. And it features multibank looping (you can create different sections of the song in realtime). You can see it at:

    Best regards


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