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Noticeable delay when monitoring on with iPad Air 2

i finally got my iPad Air 2! (@Michael, Apple should give you a commission--I'd been looking to buy a hardware looper, but when I discovered Loopy, I decided to spring for an iPad instead. :) )

I was so excited to start up Loopy, unfortunately, I'm unable to use the app with monitoring on, because the delay (latency??) is so bad. Totally out of sync with the metronome, and I think the recording is also somewhat out of sync.

In a nutshell, whatever I sing/say is echoed back to me almost like a slap echo, rather than coming into my earphones at the same time as I sing it.

Hope that makes sense.

I also just upgraded and am not experiencing this problem on my iPhone 6; just on the iPad Air 2.

Amy suggestions?



  • Eww, that's a bit nasty! Sorry to hear that Melissa - just to make sure we've done our due diligence: first, have you tried rebooting?

    Are you just using Apple's headphones, right now?

  • Well, it's happened now on two brand new iPad Air 2s -- I got one on Monday, and it dies 48 hours later, and was exchanged for a new one today. So right out of the box I had the same delay problem with both. Using iPod OEM earphones.

  • Yikes. This is definitely not the first time I've heard of audio issues with the Air 2, but it is the first time I've heard of latency problems. Say, do you have any other music apps that offer monitoring, which you could test with? I'd be curious to hear if it's Loopy-specific.

    Also: do you have Audiobus? I'd like to know what happens to the latency display in the top corner when you launch it.

  • I just launched Audiobus. (Haven't used it before because until this week I only had an iPhone 4, which didn't support it.) It says 256 frames in the upper left corner. Is that what you mean?

    I just tried using Garage Band with monitoring on and got the same problem, so the good news is it doesn't look like it's Loopy-specific. But of course the bad news is that it looks like I won't be able to use monitoring with my iPad. :(

    I sure hope they fix this. It's impossible to record with monitoring, which is a bummer. :(

  • Hmm, not good! Yeah, that's exactly what I was wondering about - but it looks like the hardware is indeed running at low latency, so that doesn't really explain anything.

    I'm going to ask around about this monitoring issue; if all Air 2's are doing this, then we have a serious problem. If not, looks like you're going back for replacement #2 =)

  • I just heard back from someone on Twitter with an Air 2, and no issues like this at all. Apparently everything's fine.

    So: this is a major pain in the ass, but you might be up for another trip to the Apple store. Maybe pull out GarageBand for them and demonstrate; given that it's Apple's own app, it's likely to carry more weight. There's a good chance you've received two duds in a row.

    Waiting to hear more, will update as I do.

  • By the way – I'm so sorry this has happened to you, after taking the plunge and coming to iOS music! It really is a great platform for creativity, it's not normally this problematic!

  • What happens with me: I often go into a panic when an app updates or I install a new app and suddenly weird latency issues and crackles and pops show up with all of my music apps.

    Then I realize I have not done a restart of my iPad, and when I do everything goes back to working properly. This happens to me a few times a year. Something about the excitement of a new app... I just forget the standard procedures. :)

    How to restart or reset: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT1430

  • also, I'm loving yesterday's "iOS Blues" jam on http://melissadinwiddie.com/loops/

    ...not loving the circumstances that brought out the song, but good job pushing thru the difficulties by expressing yourself thru creative outlet! haha, good stuff

  • Well, I shut my iPad down last night, and this morning after booting up again I'm having the same latency issues when monitoring is on. Oddly enough, it seems to come and go, both in Loopy and in GarageBand. I can't figure out a pattern--it seems random. Makes it impossible to use monitoring. :(

    I will try doing a hard reset, but considering this was an issue the very first time I turned both iPads on out of the box, and has persisted after rebooting, it's feeling kinda depressing...

    At least my phone seems to be working fine (knock wood!!!)

    Thanks for listening to my song, @Hmtx. :) I haven't even scratched the surface of what is possible now that I can use Audiobus to add effects and such, but MAN am I having fun being able to harmonize with myself!!!! :)

  • Just tried a hard reset and if anything the latency is even worse in both Loopy and Garage Band. :(


  • My plan now is to go back to the Apple Store and test out GarageBand on some of the demo iPad Air 2 units. If I can demonstrate a difference, maybe they'll swap my unit out (AGAIN! I feel like I have an iPad curse!)

  • How frustrating! Good plan, though. Let us know how it goes at Apple.

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    Hey Melissa,

    I guess we don't have the same problem, but also for me Loopy is not working totally properly. Do you have any news about it?



  • Hi @marcopar,

    Well, the problem seemed to FINALLY get resolved after a long series of phone calls to Apple tech support, in which I was asked to do a TOTAL restore (after doing a full backup).

    That did solve the latency problem... temporarily. It came back, and another complete restore solved it again... temporarily. It is back AGAIN, and I'm kind of at my wit's end...

    Another phone call to Apple is in store...

    It's not just Loopy, btw -- same issue is recurring in GarageBand.

    If I don't use monitoring, I'm generally okay (though I think I was having some issues with recorded loops being ever so slightly delayed from the original timing. I'm not getting that problem right now, though, so I'm not 100% sure it was actually happening before... doubting my memory!)

    cc @Michael

  • Good news! I just updated to 8.1.2 and the monitor latency is gone!

    I'm guessing this is going to be an ongoing problem going forward, but at least I didn't have to do a complete restore, like the last two time! Progress. :)

  • Bad news... The latency is BACK!

    It seems like the ACTION of updating the OS temporarily solves the latency issue, but then it creeps back with time.

    it definitely seems like the loops themselves are ever-so-slightly off from the original timing, too. (Maybe I'll try recording the metronome to see if I can confirm that for sure...)

  • I am having similar latency issues on my new iPad Air 2 (64GB wifi).

    Monitoring internal microphone in headphones yields a similar "slapback" delay in both Loopy HD and Garageband.

    Oddly, this delay is present with my Bose (corded non-bluetooth) headphones and some cheap (JVC I think?) ear buds, but NOT present with a pair of Apple's painful white ear buds...

    Obviously, I'd love to be able to use my good phones... any advice? Have I stumbled on some Apple corporate sabotage plan...?

  • I haven't tried the earphones that came with the iPad... Hmmm... Will have to do that!

  • Update on that... The Apple ear buds I mentioned are actually iPhone buds WITH a microphone that is doing the recording (and monitoring with no latency)...

    So yeah, no fix then...

  • Ah.. Well, darn...

    It definitely seems to be a problem with the built-in microphone, though. I was getting latency in recordings (not just monitoring) when using the built-in mic, but that seems to go away when I plug in an external mic via my Roland Duo-Capture EX audio interface.

  • having big problems with delays on monitoring , thing is all i do is beat-box so this is the largest problem i could imagine same ipad air 2. huge delay from mouth to headphones which makes it imposible to create anything
    any suggestions ?

  • Get a Soundcard that has direct monitoring on it and use that for the live sound.

  • Excellent news: I've discovered a workaround for this problem. Update to 1.4.15, available right now, and it should solve the issue.

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