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Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



  • schweet! 2016? > @Michael said:

    Getting there =)

  • Nope - not going to make 2016, sadly! I've decided I really want MIDI in there from day 1, so I'm taking a little longer.

  • Im sure it'll be worth the wait...

  • @Michael said:
    Nope - not going to make 2016, sadly! I've decided I really want MIDI in there from day 1, so I'm taking a little longer.

    It's great to have the update, though - thanks! (Now I have a 30-day break from checking every day :-))

  • Haha! Oh man, I'm sorry :# This is the neverending project!!! But it won't be long now, and it's gonna be great (big league, tremendous, unbelievable)

  • Michael: Will autorecord be in this new version? As shown in this amazing way to use a real guitar, amp, plus Loopy (http://line6.com/support/topic/22057-a-good-looping-option-if-you-have-an-amplifi/), I want to strum a guitar chord to start recording a loop.

    Even better, the amp I'm using comes with drum loops at certain BPMs. So let's say the drum loop is 4/4 time at 120bpm, it would be amazing to tell Loppy to auto record right when it hears the drum loop and auto stop recording 4 bars later at 120bpm (when the drum beat ends). Then, Loopy would have the perfect drum beat timing to play back through my amp and begin layering guitars over.


  • Yep, it sure will! You tap a loop to prime recording, then it'll start once it hears something, and stop at a predefined length

  • Wow, that's awesome. Sounds amazing. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • @Michael said:
    Nope - not going to make 2016, sadly! I've decided I really want MIDI in there from day 1, so I'm taking a little longer.

    YAY! Freaking YAY! Freaking YAY!!!!!


  • Michael: Delighted to hear you're close after all the work you've put in. Can't wait.

  • Hey everyone,

    Haven't posted in a while...but check in now and then to keep an eye on how LM is going. Still excited about it...keep going Michael!

  • Happy New Year Michael and all in the Loopy community!

    I'm really chomping at the bit for Loopy 3 - I've watched pretty much all of your development videos and I have to say it looks like it will be totally amazing! I am sure all the hard work you've been putting into writing the new audio engine will be worth it in the long run. Thank you for taking the time to make an awesome app and not just rush out some rubbish to make a fast buck!

    I've recently started getting back into looping again, after a long break - I did some looping gigs around 2006 / 2007 using the POLAR loop recorder on Digital Performer on my MacBook Pro, and i bought Loopy on my iPhone a long long time ago - but I've only really used it as an ideas sketchpad until the last month or two when I've bought a CCK for my iPhone to get high quality audio in and out and to run it with my guitar rig.

    Loopy is already superior to most hardware loopers out there and I am sure Loopy 3 will be head and shoulders above everything else..

    Hang on in there Michael :smile:

  • Thanks heaps for saying, @ricksteruk! That makes me feel a bit better about taking so long =) Can't wait to get it out there.

    Happy new year!

  • Sooo...if I have to start practicing performances for St. Paddy's Day, should I continue on with Loopy HD, or maybe wait a bit longer so I can make new arrangements for Loopy 3? I'm okay either way - I know you can't wait to get it out there :smiley:

  • Stick with HD for now =) Things are a little unsettled at present!:

  • Dang, you had to make it personal ;-)

    I'm OK with you taking a 2 year paternal leave. See you in 2019 and congrats;

    Also, I love that you wrapped him up in Loopy HD tracks. ;)

  • That photo is amazing. I recall those first few months with my first born as some of the most memorable in my life. Enjoy!

  • That is so awesome, and WAY more important than anything else. I took 6 months off work to be with my kid from his age 7-13 months and have always been grateful for that time. Loopy HD it is, and a fine program to boot. I appreciate the update and perspective.

    (And great photo :-))

  • Many congratulations Michael :smile:
    My daughter just turned 19 last week, being a father is an awesome thing! Enjoy :smiley:

  • Thanks, you guys =D You rock

  • Wonderful news, Michael...congratulations!

  • I just came here wondering what was going on with Loopy ME and then saw that incredible photo of you and your baby! My wife and I are 12 weeks pregnant and I'm a software developer as well — I can definitely relate. I wish you the best and thank you for the incredible work you've done over the last five years (and more).

  • Oh wow, congratulations @davidwebb! Exciting times ahead - your first? Best of luck to you both - and thanks heaps for the kind words =)

  • Great excitement... I notice that there's an update from @Michael ... could this be Masterpiece ??? - No, it's only something even MORE important ! - Congratulations sir !
    Mine are now 9 and 13 but I remember that moment - it goes SOOO fast - Enjoy !
    Thanks so much for sharing that lovely photo with us ! - and we'll give you a couple of days off ;)
    P.s. Ready to test to distraction (and destruction) if you want to share beta with us and give us a few weeks work instead!
    Congrats again to you and your growing clan !! - Wonderful photo ! :)

  • Just signed in to say congratulations on the arrival of your own, personal masterpiece :smiley:

  • Cheers @james948!

    Is this little guy born to the Instagram generation or what!

  • @Michael said:
    Cheers @james948!

    Is this little guy born to the Instagram generation or what!

    Can't argue with that statement! Enjoy these moments!

  • Aw, great photo!

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