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Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



  • That per loop fade toggle is cool! Another yes vote.

  • Roger that =)

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    Hi there, Can't remember if you've answered this.

    Will there be a simple way to setup a set list and switch to and between ( forward and back, or to specific ) sessions? If so, will this be within the commands available to assign in key commands and midi controllers?

    This is an essential feature that if available in Loopy would make the stage performance so much smoother when using Loopy HD or Masterpiece...

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    In one form or another, yes - although probably not for the very first release; shortly after, though, is likely.

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    Okidoki. Even just being able to go to the next session, with as few clicks as possible - without opening a pane, then selecting sessions, then scrolling and selecting and pressing load - so many steps. It really slows down the flow of a live performance. For me at least this is one of the most important user experience requirements. One can have so many features and bells and whistles in a performance - but without smooth transitions, and taking the eyes off the audience can really be a pain when building a cohesive experience.

  • That makes sense! I'll be sure to make it a priority

  • For me, the pain that @TaylorRanks describes is the biggest one I have in a live situation. By a long shot. So thankful that you are considering solutions for ME!

  • Awesome. Thanks Michael. As soon as any testing opportunities arise - please do consider Leroy my violin and I. [email protected]

  • Having the ability to send MIDI drum patterns (to another app [such as Garage Band or Sample Tank]) that stayed in sync with the loop parts would be a huge plus.

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  • I hope it's the calm before the storm.

  • I'd say that's fairly aptly put =)

  • @Larry Seyer said:

    Yes - coming a bit late to the convo here but would love ti see ability to record can I also make the suggestion that with all the great synth and sound generators out there - there really isn't in my mind **any* reason to include built-in any synth-engine.

    I realise this might add an extra income source as in-app buys but still would take away from dev resources.

    excellent support for routing to IOS apps - coupled with something "Ableton-like-but-better-for-live" will be great.

    One idea might be to make some deal with IK Multimedia so that all the MIDI patterns in Sampletank iOS can be included in LMP as an in-app-purchase alongside a licence for Sampletank or Sampletant "Lite".

    That way you have MIDI Patterns "to go" already set up for a specific sound-module where you know they sound good. Plus the latest ST has 8 tracks. The great thing about ST is that it is pretty much a FIXED MIDI map patch-change wise. Like a General MIDI 2 ( or XG more like ) .... on steroids !

  • Don't know if this is already possible having only recently delved into Loopy HD but as well as conventional looping i'd love to be able to use it to play backing tracks for Jazz/fusion etc - where I can have a track launch from the beginning - but then loop round a middle SOLO section looping round until i hit a MIDI ctrl pedal to make it continue on to the ending - maybe with the ability to loop around a fine Coda section before stopping or fading out,

    Maybe this can already be done ?

  • chirp.. chirp...

  • Just wondering if Masterpiece is still in development. Haven't heard anything about it in a while... (I hope it's still in the works)

  • Oh, it most certainly is (just ask my partner Katherine who's forgotten who that guy sitting at the computer all day is =))

    You're gonna get a pleasant surprise quite soon.

  • @Michael said:
    Oh, it most certainly is (just ask my partner Katherine who's forgotten who that guy sitting at the computer all day is =))

    You're gonna get a pleasant surprise quite soon.


  • I have been away from the Loopy forum for over a year now, so a lot has happened.
    This is such a loooooong thread and I have a dumb question. I've Googled and looked at the YouTube videos and tried to read this thread, but....

    Could somebody please tell me what Loopy Masterpiece is? And how it differs from Loopy HD?

  • If you watched the Youtube videos, you may know as much as me, but basically Loopy 3 (Developpement codename : MasterPiece Edition) will be a huge evolution of Loopy. For me, the main aspect will be the non-destructive approach of the product. (For example session recording will record actions instead of a stereomix of the session).
    The modular/customizable worspace will be another evolution. (Bindable custom actions on visual controls etc).
    Honestly, I obviously forget so much things, but i prefer to wait and discover the product once it's done (and i can't wait :) !!! )

  • I don't really understand much of what you just told me, but "modular/customisable workspace" sounds extremely interesting.

    There used to be a Loopy feature request thread somewhere. Is that still going?

    One thing I'd like to request, which many of you may find bizarre, is the ability to show only 3 loops. (currently the choice is 6, 9 or 12)

  • https://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/2471/loopy-masterpiece-edition-the-journey-begins/p1

    Tomorrow, 2 years of hard work...............excited to see it!


  • I get it. Mike is saying it was two years ago that this thread was started. That is pretty amazing. And a lot of work. I'm ready for this

  • Oh I see. Thanks.

  • Michael,

    I check in every day to see when LM is gonna drop. Can't wait!

  • My biggest concern is that this is going to be a big complex app, meaning hard to master.

    I struggle to get Loopy to do what I want.

  • Hello Hello
    been quietly awaiting this release ...how goes it Michael ???
    Hows its rolling are you gonna drop masterpiece soon?
    Super excited for this i wish you well with it ;0)

  • Getting there =)

  • Looking forward to it!

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