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Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



  • Dude this looper sounds like a looper from hell! Like I said I've been boss pedal looping and that is very limiting. veru helpful info and I appriciate it! I was asking where you live cause I'd love to catch a show. Thinks again for the info. I appreciate it cause I do this for a living and want to be as profissiant as possible! Thanks man!

  • No problem. I'm all the way in PA. It's definitely a looper to grow with. I went from a Digitech JamMan to this. So I went from one track to 6 in a day. It is so amazing and I only had to put about $200 worth of gear (pedal, a hub, and some cables).

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    What's up brother so I got all my gear . I have the Alesis IO Dock that I am running Loopy through and using the FCB 1010 . I figured out how to program the footpedal but I can't seem to get it to work with my iPad at all. I'm not sure exactly what it is I'm doing but I know it's probably just one step that I'm not seeing . I've never worked with midi before so this is new to me. And I was gonna ask you can you assign a particular loop to a particular pedal? I appreciate your input as always thank you .

  • How are you connecting the FCB to your iPad?

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    Go into settings -control inputs - and find the FCB.

    Click on it and make sure it's checked. Then click the arrow to the right to add bindings.

  • Any chance of a screenshot ? Any idea when you'll be able to get a demo or beta out? Happy to test drive

  • I'd say within six months or so it will hopefully be ready for testing - I'm planning on doing another video soon, though. I actually started one the other day, but then realised I didn't have it in me =)

    I plan to get a prototype (as in, a slightly interactive static mockup) out to you guys soon, as I'd really like some feedback. Not quite ready for that yet though.

  • Aaaaaaamazing!

    I don't know whether you're taking feature requests here but I'd love to be able to add a binding that tells Loopy to, say,

    1. Record 4 bars on this track.
    2. Move to the next track. Record 8 bars there.
    3. Move onto the next track. Record 8 bars, then overdub 16 bars.

    I.e I'd like to be able to script it and have it run that script. As far as I know that's how Zoe Keating builds her music (though she uses Ableton)

  • Yep, that's gonna be in there =)

  • At the risk of sounding OTT - I do not have words to tell you how excited I am about the arrival of Masterpiece.
    Michael - awesome as it is, I'm very excited about the next step to replace my cumbersome live MBP setup (Ableton) with Masterpeice.
    Would love to join the UAT group if possible ? - how do I do that ?

    You'd probably have this finished now if it wasn't for distractions like this !! - sorry.

  • Thanks heaps for the kind words, @Stage73 =)

    There's no group just yet, but as long as you're keeping tabs on development via the various channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email), you'll know when it's time.


  • Cat got your tongue?

  • Pretty much =) Gone dark for a while, working hard!

  • @Michael said:
    Pretty much =) Gone dark for a while, working hard!

    Yes Michael,is it possible that LoopyME could up on AppStore before August,2016?My hometown is holding a music festival on that time and I hope I could use the magnificent ME to perform,thank you and keep on fighting!

  • Absolutely, @fatoad - I think that's quite likely

  • @Michael said:
    Absolutely, @fatoad - I think that's quite likely

    COOOOOOOL,I think I'm gonna be a MEGASTAR then B) >:)

  • Will this work on iPod touch too? How about the 12.9" Pro?

  • Should work on both, @Deb =)

  • ok, thanks Michael. I'm planing to integrate the next iPod Touch into a eurorack setup! There is a vast hole for a midi controlled sampler...the touch will intergrate nicely...

  • Looking forward to this app. Used Loopy HD last night and it worked well, but I normally have SetList Maker open to read lyrics on the iPad, with Loopy in background. For live performance, though, its important to see the loop status so you can visually time loop intros, know where you are, if loops were deleted OK, etc. So, I found myself switching back and forth between apps, which interrupts the flow.

    So, it would be great if Masterpiece would support multitiasking (slide over and split screen) for those with devices that support the feature. All a live performer needs is a small piece of real estate showing only the essentials of what the loops are doing when activated by external switches.

  • omg. When is this going to happen? Can't sleep, can't eat, can't make love...
    Say a word.
    I want to come back to life! ;)

  • ;-)

    On the final stretch now! Hard to make time for making videos cos I've given myself quite a tight schedule. But I'm going to try to fit it in.

  • Any chance that Loopy Masterpiece will work in split screen view?

  • Fantastic! I've been using AB remote just to get loopy controls in split screen but those buttons are small for these aging eyes...

  • "final stretch" ?? Sounds great Michael!

    I'm all up to date with iOS 9 finally, ready for a TestFlight invite. no hurry... ;-)

  • Wow! Great news about masterpiece!! I was wondering if it was still in the works. I've checked out a few other iOS loopers since I started using loopy, and I always come back to loopy!
    I use loopy in a kind of simple ambient way, compared to most it seems. I'm wondering if something like this will be included In the new version:
    The ability to define different fade in and out times to specific loops, and the ability to designate specific loops as a "one-shot"?

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome app!

  • Holy crap, @xencage. That's bizarre timing:

    So, I'm going to take that as a "yes, per-loop fade in/out would be useful" =D

  • Whoa! Too cool!!

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