Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



  • Sorry to hassle again, Michael. I just want to be sure I'm on the list to be part of the testing team. I sent an email in but I'm not sure whether I was supposed to get any confirmation. Testing hasn't begun yet, has it?

  • I've just invited you @Sixty40 - it's been going for a while now, nearly ready for release, but feedback always welcome

  • @Michael. Samplebot was my first go round with beta testing. Really enjoyed it and the app. I would appreciate it if you include me in on testing for Loopy Pro when it's ready.

  • If you need more testers Michael then sign me up! I hope I was some help with Samplebot :smile:

  • oooo nearly ready for release :) i have been checking back here pretty frequently in hopes of seeing a release message. Really looking foward to diving into the grouping and stuff. Its the only reason i dont use loopy as my main looper at the moment.

  • No, Samplebot is nearly ready for release; Loopy Pro is a ways off yet

  • Has there been any decision about hardware requirements for Loopy Pro? I am just wanting to buy an ipad especially for loopy, and want to ensure it is "loopy pro" ready.

  • If it’s a new iPad, @gmpolin, it’ll support Pro - anything that supports OpenGLES3 will run it.

  • @Michael said:
    If it’s a new iPad, @gmpolin, it’ll support Pro - anything that supports OpenGLES3 will run it.

    Thanks...the list is helpful...I am vacillating between picking up a used iPad Mini 2, for example, or buying a new iPad (maybe 9.7) with more screen real estate.

    The iPad will do nothing but run LoopyHD/Pro....along with possibly an audio interface for a microphone or midi keyboard. Does that suggest getting the newer machine, or anything about the memory requirements? Is the number of tracks dependent on screen size?

    (LoopyHD is a great app, enough so that I am currently "borrowing" my daughter's iPad to use it...I own lots of Android and Windows equipment, so excuse the naive iOS questions)

  • Well, the newer the device, the more capable it will be (so you'll be able to run more effects and such at the same time, with Loopy Pro will have). It sorta depends on the workflow you'll be using - if it's pretty simple, then you won't need much, but if you want to ask more of the device... well, the better the device, the more success you'll have.

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    I'd like to try out beta versions of Loopy Pro. Have been using LoopyHD for a couple years now and love it.

  • I would like to be in testing. What do i need to do it? Keep up the good work. I want to learn the inns and out of your app

  • Hey guys,

    No app to test yet! I’ll put out a call when it’s time – maybe a while yet though!

  • THANKS! Super keen. Loopy has become the centerpiece of my sketching/improv.

  • Hi Michael, how is Loopy Pro / Materpiece coming along? Any room for testers? :)

  • Be a while before I’m ready for that @ablethought - will let you know when the time comes though!

  • Just another of the million suggestions.. based on my paranoia... maybe it’s already been said but it would be awesome if loopy were linked to drop box and sessions etc were automatically backed up in drop box. So that when my iPad is run over by the purple steamroller from my dream last night, everything would be safe and sound in the cloud. I do manual backups but not this conveniently

  • Cheers, @amtabuchi - I am indeed planning for something of that sort!

  • @Michael said:
    Still a fair bit more to do, but it's getting to be quite fun to play with! (and the same goes for Loopy 3! ;-)))

    Voila, a small screencast:


    Only shows a little bit of the functionality (groups, scenes, loop library, time/pitch), and no effects UI in here yet, but it's getting there. Also, I'm toying with "Loopy Pro" for the name, lately. Still a bit up in the air!

    looks amazing!

  • Hello Michael, how is Loopy Pro coming along? Any chances that it will be released this year? Can’t wait! :smiley:

  • No rest for the wicked, @asia - Still going, but lots and lots of other demands on my time these days!

  • Hello Michael, ever considered open sourcing or bringing on some developer help?

  • Open sourcing: that would be giving away years of work, which I'm not going to do =)

    Bringing on other devs: Loopy doesn't earn enough to pay for hiring

  • Gottcha, Michael. Thanks for the quick reply! :)

    Well, I love the product and would love to see it move forward. I think there's great potential there. Just hate to see it sort of go stagnant. But, I definitely get that life gets in the way. But for the folks that have purchased the product it seems a little unfair. Not to be disrespectful at all, just saying.

    A couple of things to consider. And Im just throwing these out there:

    1. Open sourcing is not just a willy nilly giving away of your source code. How it's allowed to be used depends on the licensing. And many very profitable products have become so via open sourcing. Considering the Pro project you have in the works; if there's enough difference then open sourcing the current project might really help with development and support. And can definitely increase interest in the product. Then release the Pro
    2. Have you considered social funding, as in Kickstarter, options for raising money for development costs? Just a side note, I don't know the nature of your trade marking but there was a Kick starter project a few years ago using the registered trademark Loopy. It's a phone app that says it stops call dropping on mobile phones. Just an FYI.
    3. Have you considered selling the project or at least some sort of licensing to allow other's to develop the product further?
    4. Have you considered asking for uncompensated or even sweat-equity type investor help under a non-compete/non-disclosure type of licensing?

    I'm a software developer of 40 years. I most definitely get your feelings towards a project you've conceived, poured your heart, soul, and no doubt thousands of man hours into. But, once you choose to monetize the project you have customers to consider. I don't know what you have in mind for the Pro version but I suppose you do have a premium price in mind for that product. Again, I'm in no way trying to be disrespectful and I greatly appreciate what you've accomplished. But folks want more. lol...

    Regardless, great kudos on the work you've done. It's an awesome application! I was considering purchasing one of the higher end hardware based loopers when I found Loopy. I purchased Loopy and used it for practice and just jamming at home. I'm a totally amateur guitar player/vocalist, and play some keyboards and harp as well. So it's been very handy in incorporating all of this into practice and jamming. It's been about a year since I really played or worked with Loopy. But, I'm now semi-retired and have picked it back up. I'm full force back into music with a good bit of time to invest. I was using a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI controller with Loopy, in hopes of using the combo for live performance. As I remember I could not get that to work they way I wanted. But, I haven't gotten to point where back using all that again and don't recall the exact issue. I will start working on that today.

    Thank you for your time, Michael, and your patience with my long winded post. :)

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    Hey @uvblues, I’m glad to see more people like me loving this app!

    I’m not sure what you meant by

    @uvblues said:
    [...] Well, I love the product and would love to see it move forward. I think there's great potential there. Just hate to see it sort of go stagnant. But, I definitely get that life gets in the way. But for the folks that have purchased the product it seems a little unfair. [...]

    I can’t imagine what seems unfair. Loopy HD is $4 and receives feature improvements and updates every couple months. Michael is constantly updating it for free. It does feel a bit unfair that he gets no further compensation from me even though he has put immense hours of work into it since I bought the app 4 years ago.

    Anyway, I’m glad you are digging back into Loopy. Start another thread if you need some help sorting out the FCB1010 I know others have used it extensively for live performances with Loopy HD.

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    I field tested loopy HD for a few months at gigs and immediately fell in love with the power that loopy had and Audiobus provide via modular app routing. SOOO much amazing potential!

    But, I had to (regrettably) shelve the iPad based rig and return to a pedal based rig. Mainly because in order to mix the audio, I have to route my signal chain as follows:

    Source>>>iconnectaudio4+ W/ fcb1010 via midi 5-pin>>>iPad Pro 10.5>>>audiobus and various fx based audiobus apps>>>loopyhd>>>AUM>>>house speakers

    By the time I run everything for about 30-1 hr, loopy hangs, usually while recording a loop, and all the apps crash and need restart.

    So basically what I'm getting at, is will Loopy 3 have any kind of mixing/routing functionality so I don't have to hog so much RAM with so many apps?

    I LOVE loopy HD.

    I have used nearly every single hardware looper out there, I have a MacBook rig using ableton and mobius. But I prefer loopy hd to both of them. Best UI ever. I want to keep using it.

  • Ps I'd love to beta test if you still need folks

  • Ow! That sucks!

    Yeah, Pro's gonna have more routing options - but can you tell me exactly what your setup is, just to check?

    Thanks heaps, by the way =)

  • When I put all my synth and guitar effects into a loop - many people were just laughing. I think for good music sounds should be sparse and few. I do it different now. So i typically need two tracks per song and I record each of them once. The noodling i do is not worth recording and keeping in a loop, same for voice. I use one synth running on same device. One external audio sources with voice, drums and guitar effects mixed down.

  • @Michael said:
    Ow! That sucks!

    Yeah, Pro's gonna have more routing options - but can you tell me exactly what your setup is, just to check?

    Thanks heaps, by the way =)

    Sure, here's my rig, I'm going by memory here so I will have to double check and make sure this is all right, my gear is scattered around at the moment:

    iconnectaudio 4+ has 4 inputs, 1 lead mic w/ 48v (no looping on this one, it goes straight into AUM), 1 looping mic that goes into audiobus(version 2), 1 guitar that goes into audiobus, and 1 yamaha mx61 keyboard into audiobus.

    In the effects slot of the loop mic, I run DFX for vocal reverb
    In the effects slot of the guitar, I run BIAS FX for all guitar processing and various effects (delay, compression, etc)

    The output of every track in loopy HD is sent to it's own track in AUM, and from AUM I route those to LEFT OUT of the iconnectaudio 4+, which is fed to the PA via a 1/4 inch cable. The actual live playing from my instruments is technically the monitoring on Loopy HD if I remember correctly. Thats kind of the achilles heal, if Loopy crashes, then the whole performance stops instantly mid song. Whereas with a setup where I'm looping with pedals, if the pedal crashes(which does happen, I'm looking at you electro harmonix!) then I can still try to salvage the song acoustically for the rest of the time.

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