Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



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    Cannot wait for the Beta release. Having seen the hard to unsee made the suffering even greater!

  • Another vote for Loopy Pro here. Labels and time stretch, one shot, groups.
    Did I read auto record somewhere?
    My head is spinning.

  • Thanks heaps, guys! Very glad you like it! And cheers for the name feedback - Pro it is! (Yep, that you did, @Stage73! Sounds great too, powered by Rubberband. The chord change in the video is using the pitch shift feature).

  • @Michael said:
    The chord change in the video is using the pitch shift feature).


  • Wow Michael - it looks totally awesome :smiley: <3 LOOPY PRO <3
    Group colours are genius! Such a clear way to see what is what. And the way you swipe the screen to get from Scene A to scene B is genius as well.

  • Great!

  • Love Loopy Pro! The screenshots look so awesome. Can't wait to use it!

  • Amazing. Is it confirmed whether there will be a quick way to switch between sessions while performing? Either with midi controls, or perhaps being able to build a "performance session list, with reordering"? So so important for fluid performances.

    ( mentioned before, but just checking and hoping )

    Congratulations Michael on the new addition!

  • There certainly is, @TaylorRanks - it's via a MIDI trigger, although I'm also working on on-screen buttons you can add and then bind to whatever you like, so you could have buttons onscreen which open the next session, if I can get it working nicely

  • @michael
    Amazing. Ready for Alpha and/beta testing whenever the time comes.

  • Looks brilliant!

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    Little one Looks just like dad :)

  • Naming the new app.
    Loopy HD is already a brand name keeping the brand, I would favor "Loopy HD Pro"

    Just a thought....

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    Although more thoughts on the name. PRO is common name added to most apps that are just app with extra features. However Loopy masterpiece will be something beyond its predecessor with configuration possibilities and all kinds of connectivity,fx, recording and macro type features which PRO don't quite capture the essence of the new incarnation of loopyHD. So with that in mind maybe. Something like. "Loopy HD Ultimate Edition"

  • Could be! I'm open to it. It's a little buzzwordy, perhaps (but so was Masterpiece Edition =)).

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    @Michael said:
    Voila, a small screencast:

    Watched this a few more times, it's beautiful. Am I just fan-boying or are the waveform visuals subdivided by the BPM?? It looks to me like each line is 1/128th of the loop, which would make for a nice visual metronome. :) :)

  • Thanks @Hmtx, that's very kind =) Oh, not deliberately, but that's a good idea - I'll make it 128 subdivisions

  • Probably a little late for feature suggestions.., but anyway:) It would be so cool if you could set some of the loops to sync to beats instead of bars. For hihats or arps i.e. If i make a 7 beats loop, I can make very interesting variations.

  • Ah I like the idea of pre-setting individual loop lengths...should be pretty easy to do. You can already set a 7 beat master length with a bit of math (as you can in Loopy), but it's a bit of messing around

  • Preset individual loop lengths is a nice idea. :+1:

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    Hey I can't get the latest video to open on iPhone, is it still an active link? I'd really like to see the progress

  • really excited about this! hope I'm lucky enough to be a beta tester :)
    I've been using Loopy live with my band for quite a few years now, as part of a really complicated setup that never stops evolving...
    +1 to Loopy PRO btw!

  • Hey @amtabuchi - that's weird! I can't get it to play on my iPhone either but it works elsewhere...not sure what to do about that!

  • I've just joined the forum. First of all, huge congratulations on the new member of the family. Second, thank you for the various versions of Loopy-been using it for years for performances and dance class accompaniment...such a solid and powerful piece of kit. Third, so very very very excited about the Pro version! My head is spinning from thinking up all sort of possibilities and potentials. I'd love to throw my hat in the ring for any testing, though I'm sure you're not short on volunteers. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in over the years and that you continue to put in.

  • Hi Michael, I'm new to the forums but I've been a long-time user of Loopy HD for live performances looping my sax & guitar, and sometimes voice and beats as well. I'm really looking forward to trying out Loopy 3 for even more applications, and possibly even recording a whole LP with it, too. I've been really excited about all the new features in the works, but there's one I'd be keen on which I haven't seen in any discussions so far. I'd like to be able to create different MIDI bindings for each session I use, so that I can change the actions of my blueboard depending on the song I'm performing. Is there scope to include this feature so late in the piece?

    Love all your work so far!

  • Thanks, @Sixty40!

    I'd like to be able to create different MIDI bindings for each session I use, so that I can change the actions of my blueboard depending on the song I'm performing.

    I've already built a "profiles" feature in (you can see it right now in Samplebot, if you're a tester, or shortly when it's released if not), which lets you make and select different profiles. You can even select profiles with a MIDI trigger, which is kinda fun. I haven't got profiles linked to sessions, though, is the only thing - that would be a hard sell.

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    Awesome, I've just emailed in to be part of the testing team. After looking back into the videos about assignable track bindings, it looks like I'll be able to get the flexibility I need with different functions on each track. I did have one other question, though: I'm looking to have quantised loops of uneven lengths running next to each other (e.g. a 4-bar loop and a 5-bar loop), which I don't believe is currently possible in Loopy HD as they're not multiples. I noticed that there's a "track length" control in the track edit panel of Masterpiece prototypes, so does that mean it'll be possible in Masterpiece? Thanks again for answering all these questions.

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