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[NEW] Loopy update is here! Multichannel audio input support, new punch-in on touch gesture, more



  • Congrats!
  • WOWOWOWOWO, I play with "new Loopy HD" from 3:00 PM... O__O WONDERFUL

    Now Tascam US-800, FCB1010 and Loopy speak the same language ^__^

  • @syrupcore - Thanks! ...I may have ;-)
    @Thore - Lovely! Glad to hear it!
  • Thanks for this new version! The audio engine sounds great, by the way. Your hard work is appreciated.
  • I've decided to take that as a yes. Looking forward to a soundprism update!
  • Hi michael, the new sound engine is amazing!!! But with my interface ( rme fireface) loopy is still a bit buggy :-( but i ve found a way to use loopy anyway ;-) so here is the description of the issue:
    If i start loopy with my multichanal interface and go tO the reccord source select menue loopy is shutting down immediately. But if if start loopy and connect my interface while loopy is already running it is working. But then there is no menue to select the input source and i can only reccord one stereo source. So it seems like every time loopy detects a multichanal interface when loading the software it crashes. Does anyone else has the same behaviour? Maybe my interface has too many inputs?! ( 8 in total)

    Best regarts
  • Thanks again, Michael, for all your hard work!
  • Hey micheal, thanks for creating the app that unlocked my ability to create music. I ran into a few issues with the uPdate, wanted to run them by you.
    1-new track hold-imput menu controls should be optional.
    Description : since now when opening menu options for a single clock ihas changed, i found myself fumbling around a bit. If the menu accidently is opened by pressing on a track too long, it is now much harder to not select one of the options upon finger release. Since slidding the finger in any direction causes a selection, only the very center of the clock remains a "cancel" relase spot.
    Suggestion : if possible, please allow users to toggle control style for this feature.
  • Moving on...
    2-recording clocks without headphones no longer causes playing loops to silence.
    Description: using loopy without headphones plugged is still a great way for me to record song blueprints or to play with friends. Its sad to notice that the new update no longer silences recorded clocks when recording a new one. This causes sounds to overlap and multiply, quickly creating chaos.
    Suggestion : allow users to toggle muting of tracks during headphoneless sessions on and off.

    Thats it for now! Thanks a bunch!
  • Thanks for the info, @Marcdetriumphe - I'm having some problems with the crash reporting system I'm using, so bear with me while I get that sorted, then we can get some logging going so I can see what's going on. It looks like someone else is having a similar problem, so it looks like there's something the testing team missed.

    @anonymouse - Thank you! It's my pleasure =)

    @Loopmyface - My only suggestion is to not hold the track for a long time; now that the punch in/out gesture has been adjusted to trigger on press, not on release, there's really no need to hold the track. If others have problems, I'm willing to reconsider the function, but I haven't heard any other concerns thus far.
    The removal of the audio ducking when used without headphones was quite deliberate, as it caused new users confusion, and no one ever found the option in Settings to disable it and use echo removal instead. It's better to have a bit of feedback rather than confused users who don't understand why the sound disappears while they're recording.
    The alternative was to use the echo cancellation system built into iOS, which is what I was doing right up until the end of testing this update, but it turned out to be much too flaky and high-latency, so it was removed in favour of stability.
    I suggest only using Loopy with headphones or proper microphone equipment, unless you're just mucking around. This is a limitation of the hardware that is impossible to reliably work around in software.

    Cheers for the feedback!
  • I've noticed a small lag when a loop is activated for the first time - like it needs to load. This may be an issue of the "Count in/out Mute" feature I'm using but it's quite audible - one drum loop running, another one supposed to start for the first time, they won't start in sync. I've recorded an example here:
  • Thanks for letting me know, @untergeek! I'll get this fixed up.
  • Thanks michael for the responses :) feels good to know you remain available to your community. Cheers for all the hard work :)
  • No problem, @Loopmyface, and thank you! =)
  • @Marcdetriumphe: Would you be able to send me the crash logs associated with the crashes you've been seeing? First, note the time and then recreate the crash, so you can identify which crash log it is, then follow these instructions to send them to me: http://atastypixel.com/support/crashes
    Same goes for anyone else who's seeing these kind of crashes - also let me know what you were up to at the time. I'll get these sorted out in a point update.
  • edited August 2012

    Same Problem like untergeek...when I record the first loop it takes some time to load or something like that, so that the other midigear starts a little bit later (in my case a 707).
    Interface RME ucx

  • Hi Michael, the update fixed my audio issue that I reported a while back, but I'm having some stability issues. Also, I am seeing something strange when I first open the app, it loads the last session but also loads loops from other sessions...it sorts itself out if I reload the session, just thought I'd let you know.

  • Thanks, @conor23 - there's a point release currently under review; it'll be out in a few days, probably.

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