whats the All Stop command

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with my boss rc-50 I was able to hit the last two pedals and stop all 3 channels from playing and then hit it again and they all start again from the beginning of the loop. Im trying to set up my fcb1010 midi foot controller to do that but all ive found in the midi setup is an all stop but if i hit it again it doesnt start from the beginning of the loop, I have to wait for the loop to come all the way back up to the top before I hit it again. Am I missing a midi function for this? Is there an all stop press that stops all channels and brings them all back again at the beginning of the loop and not where the loop is currently? Thanks


  • By "all stop" I assume you mean the "Toggle mute for all tracks" ? This does not stop the clock from looping.

    I think what you are looking for is "Toggle session pause and restart". It basically does the same thing as tapping the Play/Pause button on the screen. It Pauses the clock and Estes all the tracks to 12:00. It does not change the Mute/unMute status of any loops.

  • thats exactly what I needed thank you so much

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