Solo does not work as expected

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Here is what I've done:

Assigned "Solo Track 1" to MIDI note 60
Assigned "Solo Track 2" to MIDI note 61
Assigned "Solo Track 3" to MIDI note 62

With a blank session, I hit the button assigned to "Solo Track 1"... it goes into record...
While it's recording, I hit the button assigned "Solo Track 2" and I would expect that Track 1 would MUTE and play Track 2 EXCLUSIVELY, but it does not. Instead it plays BOTH tracks... therefore NOT in solo.

Is this a bug?


  • I have not played with the Solo binding, so I can not comment on expected behavior. But you mentioned in another post your are using a KMI foot controller. There has been some strange behavior with the KMI foot controllers, especially with using Note On/Off. Can you try using a CC or a PC and see if it works?

  • I'll try using another controller

    Thanks for the tip!


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