Toggle Record, Mute, and Select Next Track does not work as expected

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I've got a Keith McMillen 12 step that I've connected to my IOS device and I'm trying to program Loopy HD to do something using the key bindings and it's not doing what I expect it to do.

I've assigned a pedal to trigger the "Toggle Record, Mute, and Select next Track".

When the track is blank, and I hit the assigned button it goes into record (as expected)
When I hit the assigned button once again (while the track is recording) I would expect it to stop recording, mute that track then move to the next track and go into record.

But it doesn't.

How can I get this behavior to work in Loopy HD?


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    There has been some strange behavior with the KMI foot controllers, especially with using Note On/Off. If you are using Note On/Off, try using a CC or a PC and see if it works?

  • I'll try that... and I'll also try another keyboard controller


  • What part of that binding doesn't work as expected? The "mute and select next" action? This press will select the next track, but not start recording. Another press will start the recording on the subsequent track.

    Also, maybe try "toggle record, mute, and record". I just saw this on the bindings list, but I'm not sure how it works. It may do what you want.

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