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Exporting files?

really love LOOPY HD, for using it for looping and manipulating loops, but one thing I am not capable to do with it is to export loops to other apps in a simple way...

To explain it, when I use Audio Share, it sees what apps are capable of taking samples and by clicking on them it copies them to a proper folder for later use....Great:-)

I can't seem to be able to do this with Loopy without sound cloud etc?... Am I missing something somewhere?
How do I do this inside my iPad?
THANX in advance


  • Hey @soundklinik. Loopy doesn't support AudioShare natively just yet (it will in the future, but not yet), but it does support audio copying. If you hold your finger on a loop, then tap "Share", you can copy that to the clipboard. Then you can grab it from there within AudioShare.

  • Hi Michael and thank you for reply.

    The share feature is good enough, and I can manage, the only problem I ran into is in some apps I couldn't find it...LOL
    But that is more like a personal problem...believe me it's a hard crash course for me from windows to iOS.

    Thanks for support :>)

  • +100 for exporting using the audio share

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