Audiobus and Loopy : Applying effects to a track while recording

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Hi, me again,

I'm using LoopyHD and Audiobus on iPad. I routed one of loopy's tracks to an effect app and then to the speaker output.

When I record something on this track, the signal is not affected by the effect ; the recording has to finish, then the track starts to loop, going through the effect.

Is there a way to let the track go through the effect during recording? I would like to avoid recording the modified sound into Loopy, if that makes any sense.

Thank you,


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    Short answer - No

    It might be possible to achieve this if the source you are recording to Loopy can be added as a second input on that AB chain.

    This would work because the Mic can be used as the input to any or all of the AB chains. Most input sources only allow you to have them as the input for one AB chain.

    The only way I can see to do this ( excluding the above suggestion with its limitations ) would be an external mixer and/or an (supported) audio interface with multiple inputs/outputs.

  • The other short answer - Yes. :-)

    Audiobus chain 1:

    mic> Loopy

    Audiobus chain 2:

    Loopy> effect > speaker output

    This works for me. I use ToneStack as the guitar fx rack and Loopy records and loops the dry signal.

  • @Hmtx - do you hear it while it's being recorded with the effect? Only after it starts looping. Or am I missing something?

  • @Hmtx that didn't work for me, same as Ganthofer. It seems like there always is a mic > Loopy somewhere, the mic is always recorded by Loopy even without this pipeline.

    However, I did find a solution :

    (Mic + Loopy) > effect > speaker output

    That works :)

  • Mikro's solution is the obvious, easy answer :-)

    But I definitely can hear everything properly the way I described above. It may be an issue with Audiobus and Loopy versions. I'm on 2.1.4 and 1.4.10 respectively with iOS 7. So its not the latest versions, but I just don't update apps if I'm happy with how they are working.

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