Can I set some 'rows' to work in 'serial' mode

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My main looper is an RC-300

The mode that I use 99% of the time is 'Single Track Series' ... which basically means that when one track is finished recording it starts to loop that track. But when you start recording on ANOTHER track the first track STOPS and the second track plays EXCLUSIVELY.

It still allows recording on to previous tracks, but only ONE track plays at a time (hence, 'series' mode instead of 'parallel')

Is there any way that I can program loopy to do that?

So far, I haven't been able to figure it out. It does 'additive' and 'parallel' modes just fine... but trying to get your first recorded loop to STOP when you START a second loop has baffled me.

It would be GREAT if I could specify 'rows' of tracks to act in 'series' mode and others in 'parallel' mode instead of having to choose some sort of 'global' setting.



  • No Single Track Series mode. The Stopping (muting in Loopy speak) of a playing (unMuted) track and the starting of recording on another immediately after, first requires that you set some Track Management settings.

    Synchronize Tracks - On
    Count-in recording - On (does not apply to first track if tempo is left unset)
    Count-in Quantize - recommend "clock length" , other settings may work for you also
    Count-out recording - tap the setting to get the 3 choices and their descriptions.
    Count-in/out mute - On

    Basically, once your first track is recorded and looping, you mute it ( single tap) any time during the loop and it will continue to play until it finishes. Similarly, tap the next loop to record on befor the first loop finishes and it will count in and start recording when the clock gets to the top (12:00). All loops functions start when the clock is at the top. This requires also that you set the clock to match your loop length or make sure that you don't tap the record until the clock is on its last cycle to match up with the end of the first ( previous ) track.

    Tracks/loops of differing lengths can cause problems using this method if they are not even multiples in length. More on that topic if you want/need it.

    Question? Are you using a Midi controller to operate Loopy or the touch interface?

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    Thanks for the info. Too bad.

    Loopy has SO much potential! I really WANT it to do series mode! answer you question.

    Currently, I am just using Loopy with fingers. If I can get it to do what I want it to do (which is basically REPLACE my RC-300) then I'll invest in hardware foot controllers or use ones that I already have.

    But until I know it can do what I need it to do, then I'm not spending any more money on foot pedals. (I already have too many of them!!!)

    Here is a video of my playing a song from my live gig. It's all 'live' using an RC-300.

    Notice that there are 2 sections of the song. (second section start around 3:33) And everything stays in time with an external drum machine (via MIDI sync). It returns to the first loop part around 4:14.

    But the RC-300 still allows me to overdub parts onto each section of the song while playing only ONE section of the song at a time.

    Many songs have a Verse, Chorus, and Bridge so if Loopy could be programmed to do that, it would basically replace my RC-300

    I am trying to see if I can program Loopy to do this.

    Thanks for your help!


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    This would be easy to implement if the following were added to the feature set of Loopy HD:

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