Loopy HD Midi to open sessions / One shots

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Can you open a Loopy HD session via Midi? I need to trigger loops for my entire show. 12 slots won't cover it for my needs and I'd have no easy way to manually open sessions on the iPad in a live situation. Hoping there's a way to do this.

Also need to know if Loopy can do one shots (non-looped) samples. I have a need for time-stretched one-shot triggers, and not sure if Loopy can be used for this, as well.


  • Welocome to the Loopy Forum.

    No, there is no midi binding to change sessions ( pre-recorded ).

    One shots are also not directly supported. They could be done indirectly using the Toggle mute binding and enabling Count-out. But if the lengths of the loops are not the same, then this method becomes more of a manual timing thing to end properly. As for time-stretched, not sure what you referring to exactly, but you can't directly change playback speed. You can change the tempo, but then all loops are affected.

    Have a look at the list of midi bindings in Loopy or, if you don't have Loopy yet, have a look in the wiki:


  • Thanks. Trying to find a way to replicate some of the things I'm doing in Ableton on an IOS device for my live shows. 12 slots won't cover my for a whole show, and being a guitarist, I'd be running back my ipad rigs to swap sessions too often. Will have to see if there's some way to mix Loopy and BM2 to cover everything.

  • You might drop in on the AudioBus Forum and see if anyone there has suggestions on what apps can provide you the needed function ( and quantity ).

    Out of curiosity, what are you referring to "time-stretched"? Example.

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    In my current Ableton rig, I tap tempo to a live drummer, then trigger some one shot 'phrase' samples or midi synth clips that usually cover a few bars - sometimes with several note/chord changes - to cover some base keyboard progressions. If I tap tempo in, any 'time-stretched' phrase can be in time with what we're doing, and I can control the live aspects without being constrained to computer time. We prefer not to use click tracks for the majority of our songs, as we only bring synth/sample parts into a few areas of some songs.

  • Just chiming in to say I'm listening to this stuff very hard!

  • beatmaker 2 might be a good solution to fill the sampling and one shot features that Loopy doesn't have. BM2 has decent MIDI triggering options as well.


    Oh look you already mentioned it. Never mind.

  • Does anyone know if I can trigger midi clips inside of BM2? If I can trigger midi clips tied to synths or sampled keys in BM2, that would also cover some of what I'm trying to accomplish. I don't see a way to do it, though. Looking at Genome as a possible solution here.

    Might be able to pull all this off with Loopy and BM2 if I have this capability.

  • Looks like I can use Genome for some of this, though it doesn't have tap tempo.

    Does Loopy HD have a midi controllable tap tempo that can be used for midi clock with other devices?

  • ^ loopy can do that.

  • Yes it can.

    Loopy is actually working pretty well as my master clock source for everything except BM2. It has CC controllable tempo, allowing me to set default tempos for each song, as well as midi controllable tap tempo. Genome is working well with it, so I can fire off tempo adjusted midi clips to my synths. BM2 is primarily being used for one shot samples, and I can run a few time-stretched loops inside of Loopy.

    So far, so good.

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