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I'm new, as my post will obviously show. Here's a couple questions.

  1. Is the iRig my best bet for a audio in/out from an iPhone 6? I'll be running sound through my PA.

  2. Will a Hughes and Kettner FSM-432 Midi pedal work for loop control?

  3. Also, once I narrow down what midi footboard to get, how do I set it up to work with loopy? Any tutorials on equipment and setting up would be appreciated. Basic tutorial on the app doesn't cover it. Thank you. Sorry if this a redundant thread. I couldn't find one that matched.


  • Welcome to the Loopy Forum

    1- iRig ( connects to headphone jack) - any of the devices using the headphone jack are going to be a problem. The quality (frequency response), cross talk from the audio out feeding back in and general noise, since this is an analog connection

    Perhaps you were referring to the iRig Pro (since you are talking about connecting a 5pin midi foot controller? I don't own one, but perhaps some one will chime in with a comment on it.

    There are other possibilities, depends on your priorities: $/$$$, portable, battery/ACpwr, Mono/Stereo/morechnnels, 1/4 HiZ/Ballanced XLR, Phantom pwr XLR, 5pin/USB midi, ......

    2- again, i don't own one, I have a Berhringer FCB 1010 (it's a Tank, but I don't have to travel with it ;-). In theory, as long as it sends out midi, it should work. It look's like you need some sort of external power supply for it (compatible with 5-pin standard MIDI connectors (with additional power supply)).

    3- Loopy has a learn mode for making the midi bindings. The built-in Help (always overlooked ;-) covers the basics of physical/virtual connections and how to train/teach loopy (see Help>Topics>MIDI)

  • What are some other interfaces that will work with iPhone 6? Pros and cons would be welcome, or mentions of quality, versatility, and/or price.

    I've seen the fcb mentioned on other threads. It seems to be the go to. Is it passive?

    Thank you for your time and energy. Much appreciated.

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    To the best of my knowledge, any iPhone ( or iPad ) with a lightning connector will work more or less the same with audio/midi interfaces.

    There are some long topics at the top of the Audiobus Forum


    There are too many possibilities to list. I think you need to narrow them down by deciding what your needs are ( number and types of inputs, size, portability, type of power, and price limit ).

    There's a web page ( somewhere ) that lists interfaces, I'll see if I can find it.

    As for the FCB, it runs off AC (wall plug). It has the old 5 pin Din Midi connector. It does have Midi In and Out/Thru, so you can plug another Midi device into the FCB and have its Midi commands passed along. Not sure what you mean by "passive".

  • Your correct about the lightening connector. If you can set me in the right path, I can research. I just didn't know what to search. Googling "loopy iphone interface" doesn't get me very far.

    I just meant power consumption by passive/active question.

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    Here is a good list to star with


    It happens to be specific to the Auria App, but it still applies for general use.

    Also from the Loopy Wiki

    Q) Which audio interfaces are compatible with Loopy?

    All of the following are known to work;

    • Presonus 22VSL*
    • Presonus 44VSL†
    • Alesis iO4†
    • Alesis iODock†
    • Apogee Jam
    • AmpliTube iRig
    • Peavey PV-14 USB Mixer *
    • Apogee Duet 2 for iPad / iOS (* Core-midi compliant only.)
    • Mackie ProFX16†

    *Requires a powered USB hub

    †Requires AC power

  • You are thee shit Ganthofer. Thank you.

    I just need an interface for live loops, so I'm not going studio quality. I was surprised at the studio options being listed. Crazy stuff.

  • Live looping is still a bit vague. Are we talking just a mic, midi controller and iOS apps or one or more instruments ( acoustic or electric ) or external speaker/amp/pa, ...
    At home, busking on the street, performing on stage, ...

    Here is a good ios music site and their Link page


  • What I would like is 2 mics (1 vocal and 1 instrument), a Direct input for electric instruments, and a midi io for a controller pedal. I have a PA that I'll be running it to. I need it for shows in coffee shops and also possible busking.

  • I just bought 2 of those Hughes and Kettner pedals from eBay and I'm in the process of converting it for use with Loopy.

    From your name, I'm assuming you're in Oz and are probably looking at the same ex-demo H&K footswitches that I bought?

    If you're in a hurry, I've got a Yamaha MFC10 footswitch I'd be willing to let go as it's just collecting dust at the moment. ($120)

    I also have a Presonus 44VSL that is surplus to my requirements if you're interested. They've got excellent preamps - very clean sound. 4 inputs, 4 outputs, MIDI in/out, external power supply. I have a 22VSL, its little brother, which is all I need, hence the 44 is up for sale. All original packaging, documentation and software - and hardly ever used. ($250)

  • Thank you, but I already have the H&K pedal, and Sweetwater sells the presonus is for $250 (free shipping plus warranty). Does the 44VSL work with iPhone?

    The name comes from my pseudonym. Auzman.com or auzmanpropaganda.bandcamp.com

  • I'm in Australia. We pay a lot more for electronics down here.

    The 44VSL will work with the iPhone, but you'll still need a CCK.

  • What's a CCK?

    I see the kangaroo, now. Wish it wasn't that way. Not fair.

  • @AuzmanPropaganda - CCK stands for "Camera Connection Kit". Officially (by Apple) it supports connecting a USB digital camera to get photos transferred. Also an SD card reader for same purpose. It was discovered that any (most) USB Class Complient audio and midi interfaces could be connected here. Depending on the iDevice model and the power requirements of the USB device, you may need a Powered USB hub to make it all work.

    You need one of these ( CCK ) if the audio/midi interface you want to use dose not come with a 30pin or lightning dock connector.

  • You won't need a powered USB hub for the 44VSL - it comes with a wall wart.

    You WOULD need one if you went for the smaller 22VSL - which is bus powered.

    I highly recommend either of these interfaces. No, I don't work for Presonus.

  • BTW, the H&K pedals I have are ex demo models that don't have external power connections or a MIDI socket. It's got a 7 pin DIN cable permanently wired - which is why I'm in the process of converting it.

    Is yours a MKii or MKiii (straight or curved)

    If you ever feel the need to pull the cover off yours, I'd love a couple of quality close ups of the circuit board.

  • Hi there, I'm trying to do the same thing.

    I can't seem to find anything that fits the bill though.
    Ideal specs:

    1. XLR mic connection
    2. Guitar connection.
    3. MFI iOS connection (far better than CCK I'm guessing)
    4. Ability to charge iOS device and, if not ...
    5. Battery powered.
    6. Connection to foot pedal controller.
    7. Smallish size.

    The closest thing I can find is the iTrack Dock but I want to use my iPhone 6 Plus in it and it would look a bit silly with it dangling off.

    My idea was to mount this to a mic stand or something but that prob isn't possible. The Line 6 Sonic Port VX looked promising until I realised it couldn't connect to a foot pedal.

    Any ideas guys?

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