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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to connect my Behringer Xenyx 1002USB and a Korg NanoPad2 into my iPad mini retina via a USB hub and a CCK.

I bought a cheap non-powered USB hub, which generates lots of hisses and noises through the soundcard, as soon as I plug the NanoPad2 in.

I think I might have to get a better Hub, do you happen to have some suggestions? I'm not sure if it has to be powered, expensive, or even specifically audio-oriented... I would like at least three USB inputs.

The Xenyx has its own power supply, and the NanoPad draws less than 100 mA, according to the specs.



  • If you route the behringer directly into the CCK, is the hiss eliminated? Any standard hub should work but you would probably want a powered hub if you are plugging in three USB inputs.

  • Thank you for your response.

    With the Behringer directly into the CCK, the sound is as clean as on my computer, no problem at all.
    With the Behringer into the hub the into the CCK, there are some parasites. When I plug the nanopad, things are getting serious.

    I thought any hub should work, yet I can't use the one I have... Then again, it was kinda cheap. I guess there aren't real rules or special models.

  • no, I haven't heard of any rule either, just try a different hub. Some people have said that USB 3.0 hubs don't work, but I don't think thats a rule either...

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    @MikroXdrums - since you get problems with the Behringer (self powered) into the hub, it is a safe bet that the hub is defective or bad quality.

    To connect any USB powered device to the iPad, you will need a powered hub. If only connecting 1 device to the iPad via CCK, a USB powered device may or may not work, it's kind of a try it and see. Officially, Apple doesn't support connecting anything but a USB camera for transferring images to the iPad via the CCK.

    As for what powered hub to buy, the realy cheap ones are a gamble. They may or may not work, usually due to low quality components and power supplies.

    Technically, any powered USB2 hub should work for your nanopad, as it SHOULD be capable of providing up to 500mA per port and for one USB powered device most likely will. Connecting more USB powered devices may cause problems.

    Example: 4 port powered USB2 hub

    The walls art shows an output rating of 5vdc @ 700mA - so the mA sum of all the USB devices connected needs to be less than 700mA and no one device can be more than 500mA.

    The above example should work fine for your one device, but if you plan to expand on the number of devices or devices that need more power (mA), get one with a bigger wall wart rating. I would get one with a rating at least 20-30% higher than the power (mA) needed for the combined USB powered devices being connected.

    Good luck

  • I use this one by Plugable. Affordable, works great and looks slick:

    I usually have 2 midi controllers + a USB mic running. I think I've even added a midi keyboard in the 4th port without problem. iPad 4.

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