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Hi everyone, I'm considering purchasing Loopy for my iPad, but first I wanted to know if it's possible to use an external audio interface with Loopy, so I can connect an instrument or an external mic. Or can Loopy only use the iPad's built-in mic?

If I can use an external interface, can someone recommend one? Thanks.


  • Okay, I looked around some more and I see that you can use an audio interface, but I'm still wondering what to buy. I need something cheap and simple that just takes a line level input.

  • Roland duo capture EX. Cheap and cheerful.

  • Thanks, but I'm afraid that's still more than I can afford. I found something for 50 bucks that plugs into the iPad's headphone jack, but I seem to recall reading that you should avoid interfaces that plug into the headphone jack. Do they not work? Does anyone have any experience with these?

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    Line level input? The behringer 202 has stereo RCA in/out, but you need the camera connection kit for your iPad too.

  • @Explodey - there are a number of issues when using the headphone jack. Typically you need to keep the output volume down or you will get crosstalk feeding back on the input (the way the iDevices are built/wired). Depending on the quality/ price of the cable, you may find the input cuts in and out ( due to the iDevice expecting a certain range of impedence on the mic connection). At some point, @Michael added the feature to get better bass response from the internal mic and headphone jack ( an ios 7... Feature I believe), so the sound is not quite so frequency limited. Lastly, it is mono only and one thing connected to the input at a time.

    If you have an ipad3 or older (30 pin connector) this a good deal

    1/4 in. Mono HiZ or 1/8 in. Stereo line in. Also has 5pin Midi and charges your device. I also have used it with an Apple 30 pin to Lightning adapter on an iPhone 5 and iPad Air with success, but that adds another $30 to the cost.

    There are other alternatives, SonicPort
    Connect to both 30pin and lightning. About $100

    Any USB class compliant audio device should work, but you'll need the added CCK ($30) to connect the usb. Also recommend you check here or the AudioBus forum to see if it's known to function.

  • Great, thanks for the suggestions. I'm using an iPad Mini, so it can't be 30 pin. I think I'll check out the UCA202 and get the camera kit thingy. I found one on Amazon for only $8.50. No user reviews though. Should I steer clear of the cheaper ones, or does it matter? Here's the one I was looking at:

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    Yeah, if you have time to try a few cheap USB camera adapters, you might get one that works... But there are lots of stories of people having recording trouble and it comes down to the cheap adapters causing problems.

    Most people find that it's just worth getting the official Apple product, it will work.

  • Okay, I was going to go ahead and just buy an official Apple CCK, but then I noticed some users complaining their iPad Mini was giving them "insufficient power" warnings with the CCK. One user review said that you can't use it with the Mini unless you have an externally powered USB hub. Does anyone know anything about this?

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    Yes, you need a powered usb hub to provide enough current to run most interfaces if it's bus powered.

    It WILL cost you a few bucks to get the initial setup right, but still waaaay cheaper than a loop pedal that comes close to Loopy's abilities.

    Buying cheap stuff to start with will end up costing you more in the long run. (I'm speaking from experience...)

  • Okay, as you guys suggested, I went ahead and bought the Line 6 Sonic Port. But when I tried to use it to loop my guitar, Loopy just looped the audio that it picked up through my iPad's microphone, not from the Sonic Port. And I looked into Loopy's settings and I didn't see anything about selecting an audio interface. I sure hope I didn't waste my money on this thing!

    If there's a tutorial on setting up an interface, could someone send me a link?

  • I've found with my interface, the order in which you plug it in to the iPad and launch loopy seems to affect things. So try restarting loopy, and/or unplugging plugging the interface

  • @Explodey - yes, the internal mic should automatically be disabled when an external audio interface is connected. The Sonic port should have a cable that connects directly to the 30pin or Lightning connector on your iDevice. Have you tried it with any other Apps (e.g. The Line 6 App, AudioBus or Garage Band)? Also, what iDevice and iOS version? Is this a new or a used one?

  • Well I just restarted my iPad and now it does recognize the audio interface. I'm not sure why though. Maybe it's because when I tried it before, the Line 6 app was running in the background. So when I switched to the Line 6 app, I would get sound from my guitar, but then when I switched back to Loopy, I only got sound from the internal mic.

    But at any rate it's working now, so yay! Thanks for your help.

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