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Request: Unset loop length on a session with loops

edited October 2014 in Support and Feedback

If been thinking, it would be great to be able to have a session which contains drum loops, but not a fixed session length.
I want to: Play a rhythm on the guitar and manually set the loop length pushing in and out on a foot switch.
Then the drum loops will automatically adjust in length according to the guitar rhythm length.
I understand loopy will need some time to catch up and convert depending on the clock speed of the used device.

All the features this needs are already in loopy. There just needs to be a way to unset the session length, and be able to save this into a session.

Right now this works beautifully already with the metronome, but it's not really usable for performing.


  • A workaround would be to run Loopy for iPhone with your drum loops (muted). And set LoopyHD as master clock with your live loops, then unmute the Drum loops after they have gotten in sync with LoopyHD. I haven't tried it... But should work :-)

  • TomTom
    edited October 2014

    Sweet! That does work so far. Haven't fully tested it but it seems to do the job. Thanks!

    The downside of this workaround is that switching songs on a performance will take a significant longer time staring at my ipod... Also, quickly starting over on a failed first loop is gone. It will also need different MIDI banks setup on my fcb1010 to control these different situations.

    It just seems like such a killer feature. Adding drums perfectly synchronized to a live made loop length. Further distinguishing Loopy from any hardware looper available

  • I'll take this into consideration =)

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