Is the iPad air's 1gb ram enough to run 7-8 apps?

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A 2 year old product. Screaming for an update. Millions of users waiting and finally apple performs a no show.
The iPod 5th gen. A 3 year old processor, and 512mb RAM.

I'm forced to update as i'm running 5 programs at the same time, and opening a guitar tuner often results in a program shutting down. I'm on the edge of it's capabilities without even including my midi keyboard into the setup.

The second let down is the iPad mini retina 2. Its exactly the same as last years but with a fingerprint reader. Jey..

For me, the smaller the better, but i did see that the iPad air 2 carry's 2gb of RAM.

Right now i'm using: Tonestack, Audiobus, Loopy, Midibridge and MIDI Designer, but want to include Sampletank, iGrand piano and Sunrizer.
Is there anyone out there using a similar setup as this on an iPad air or iPad min retina without any disturbance or hiccup?


  • Look up @supadom's YouTube channel. He has a similar live setup built around LoopyHD.

  • 5 programs running smoothly on an ipad air. I guess i'll be fine with the mini retina then.

  • Yep, I think so.

    iPad Mini Retina is probably the best deal now as far as power per dollar, especially now that prices went down $100 to make room for the Mini Retina 2, which offers nothing new for musicians.

    Also, some of the sample-based apps do better than others on how much they tax the system. I haven't tested it but I hear Beatmaker 2 actually can handle samples really well if you run into trouble with Sampletank or iGrand. But you might have to take the time to build your own instruments in BM2, since the built-in instruments aren't as good as other apps.

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