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Future Feature Requests

edited June 2012 in General
I think you need to start a 'sticky' with this so other people can also make suggestions.

Having used Loopy for a couple of weeks now, I'm finally starting to get some decent music recorded with it (my fault completely, not the app's!), there are some things I'd like to see in Loopy 2.0:

1) The ability to label the loops
2) Loop lock, so you can't accidentally record or overdub over them (guilty!)
3) Bluetooth footswitching (already mentioned)
4) Quality/file type settings in the 'share' panel
5) Colour coding of the loops (to go with/instead of the labelling feature)
6) I know you're working on effects, but I hope you're including some EQ in there as well
7) Compression/normalization
8) Ability to choose the length of the automated fade out/fade in
9) Trippy backgrounds

Just a few things that would be really cool. Basically, I think you should just do what Microsoft does with Apple software - just steal the full feature set from Ableton Live, then tie them up in the courts for 10 years with BS, back and forth lawsuits!

Thanks for an amazing app, Michael - not only is it intuitive, highly innovative, and wonderful, but it is beautiful to look at as well. It would be neat to port it over to the Mac someday.

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