LoopyHD Export to Soundcloud only in MONO? Please Advise!

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Hey All.

I am a vocalist. Export of LoopyHD Recordings to Soundcloud worked brilliantly (and in stereo) in the past when I was simply using headphones and integrated mic to record loops etc. But with my new hardware set-up (to get vocal processing also), it only seems to output in MONO, even though I have added a merging adapter to try to rectify the issue.

Current set-up sequence / hardware chain is:

Sennheiser Vocal mic --> TC-Helicon Voicelive Play --> RL merge adapter output --> Focusrite iTrack Solo --> Loopy HD on iPad 3 --> back to iTrack --> behringer mixer --> PA

A bit complicated I know... (maybe would be good to learn how to use Audiobus?)

Regardless, when I export tracks using this set-up into Soundcloud, they somehow only output in MONO - on the left speaker.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thank you for your insights!



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    Man, sorry for the trouble! Your gear looks great, so shouldn't have any prob there.

    The basic issue is that your iTrack is a stereo interface and sends channel 1(XLR) as left and channel 2(1/4" guitar) as right. So with your setup, the input by default is panned left. Your pictures show that you have "LR" selected, which makes loopy record in stereo... but you don't have a right channel audio coming in so the right side is blank and output is only on your left channel.

    I think it will be corrected if on the loopy page with the L and R circles, you select only "L". Then Loopy will record it as centered rather than panned left. That screen is for choosing inputs not outputs. Loopy output is always stereo.

    Let us know if that fixes the issue.

  • @Hmtx: Thank you for your insights... I did what you suggested... and it worked! Deep bow of gratitude!

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