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What are the In-App purchases?

I am interested in purhcasing the app, but I notice in the App Store that there's a plus sign next to the price for Loopy HD, meaning that in-app purchases are involved. However, there's no mention of any in-app purchases anywhere in the description, and I am concerned that more money will be required in order to get the app fully functional. Do all of the features in the description come with the initial price? What are are the in-app purchases? Is there a list of the in-app purchases anywhere? And will I be frustrated with the app if I do not purchase them?

Some App Store vendors do rip customers off with in-app purchases, so my concern is genuine and based on personal experience. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!


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    AaronGrooves, I've never known of any in app purchases in Loopy HD.

    I'm pretty sure that the "+"next to the price is simply an indicator that the app is universal: meaning it will work on iPhone and iPad.

  • Loopy has no in-app purchases right now

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