Basic question when recording

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I've recorded a voice sound on first track. When I want to record another voice on track two, the first loop that plays is recorded again on track two.
What's the setting to avoid that?


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    It's hard to say with out knowing your setup, but here are a few common reasons:

    1. Using Loopy without headphones. This will often cause feedback at worst, or when recording loops, the previously recorded loops will be heard by the microphone and added to your next loops. solution: use headphones.

    2. Recording with an audio input that uses the 3.5mm headphone jack. This problem shows up with headsets with mics and things like the iRig, iRig MIC, iRig Stomp, jamUp Plug, Griffin GuitarConnect, etc. The problem is that iDevices have significant "crosstalk" between the mic signal coming into the iPhone and the headphone signal going out. The out signal (such as loop 1) is picked up by the mic input line being recorded (on other loops). This is more evident the stronger the signal. The problem is universal, every iDevice is built this way. It is an unavoidable issue if you record thru a 3.5mm mic or mic adapter. solution: if you can lower the signals, both in and out of the 3.5mm jack, the effect will be less. Also, using standard headphones without a mic will eliminate the issue. Otherwise, the best solution is to purchase an audio interface that records thru the 30pin or lightning connector.

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