Loopy crash

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My loopy crashes when I'm in record without count in mode and tap to re record just before the end of the loop. Is anybody else experiencing this? I wonder if it has anything to do with recent app updates to IOS8? I'm on iPad Air ios 7.1.2. This is the audiobus preset I'm using. I know this is quite complex preset but I've never had issues with this. @Michael could it have something to do with sugar bytes apps? Those are the only ones I've updated recently. I actually also updated loopy and audiobus because of this issue but later downgraded using backup IPAs but the problem persisted.

Audiobus preset 'Final + Samplr X': http://preset.audiob.us/DsHono1yei3RVfA


  • D'oh, sorry to hear that @Supadom. Does the also crash happen for you when that same sequence is followed, when using Loopy on its own? Or is it only that specific set of apps?

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    This is a tough one. I hardly ever use it standalone and this happened only 2 times when I had it within audiobus with all the other apps. Are you saying this could be caused by any of the apps involved? If so than I should try downgrading sugar bytes apps too. Having said all this I had a 2hr practice session last night and had no problems.

    Thanks @Michael I know how hard is to troubleshoot this kind of problem, especially with some apps updated to ios8. I will continue as it is for the moment and if it reoccurs I'll downgrade turnado and effectrix an will report back. I suspect it is ram related as I drive my air quite hard with this setup always hovering around 97%. Interesting that it's always happened when I double tapped to overdub where loopy was already working wrapping up the loop (quantizing) and getting the request to overdub.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • It's almost certainly my fault, but stuff that's happening in other apps might trigger the bug in Loopy more frequently, is all - I thought I'd ask just in case there was a nice reliable reproducible series of steps. Do let me know if you learn more, and I'll look into it here too.

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