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Loopy with a SM58

edited June 2012 in General
Could someone help me and tell me the simplest set up to use a SM58 with loopy?

I already have an iRig for my guitar, but want to use Loopy with a mic, and (if possible) want to avoid using the mini jack socket.

I also have an Alesis MultiMixUSB2.0.

Do I need software update to use the MultiMix with Loopy or should it just plug and play?

Sorry for all the questions.


  • I'm using an SM58 by running it through a USB preamp (Apogee One).

    The chain is:
    iPad > camera connector kit > USB powered hub > apogee one > SM58.

    You can probably place the Alesis multimix where I have my Apogee One currently, and I assume this'll work? It should cost less than $50 to try it out, if you don't already have a camera connection kit/ USB powered hub. :)

    If you google "Apogee One iPad," you can find some YouTube videos of this in action. It's not the only way to get the SM58 running, but it seemed the cheapest. :) Good luck!
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