RC-300 Problems (please help asap)

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I have just recently began to use the RC 300 loop station.

I had it working fine the first few times, now I have gone back to it, and the output is coming out really strange and muffled. I tried 6 different leads (yes, non-resister) and 2 different amps and three different instruments, and it's still coming out weird. I've tried the amp by itself, and there's no problem there with its input or the instruments.

It at first wouldn't use the AC-Adapter I've used every time with it, but I tried it with a Line-6 AC adapter and it worked. (input 230v, 50hz / output 9vac 1200mA)

I reset the pedal with no avail, even changed what plug socket I'm using, then began looking in to the output settings. Even following the basics of connecting the loop pedal to the amp as found here: http://cms.rolandus.com/assets/media/pdf/rc-300_training_guide.pdf produces this sound.

I've attached an MP3 of me clicking the 'rec/play' pedal, and the sound you hear is the muffled and buzzy sound of the tempo tap. (i'd recommend listening to it with headphones)

I feel really stupid, I'm online here today, so anything you guys have to input I will try straight away.

Thanks in advance.


  • if you didn´t burn the thing already please trie using 9v dc (not ac)-adapter. that may help.

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    hello, I've had a boss rc-300, and do not know exactly what equipment you are using and how it is making connections. But remember that if you are using an iphone or ipad with them, you can not link directly because it may burn the audio input. Need an cck or lightning and the type of Behringer UCA-222 interface. Hope this helps.

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