IPad mini crashing ...

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I use an iPad mini and now decided to upgrade to the mini with the A7 and retina for better performance using multiple instruments with loopy and audio bus and hoping that it will be able to hold audiobus with 3 running apps, and a guitar connected to the iLoud speaker.
on my current iPad it seems like there is a limit to what I can do... It crashes if im running audiobus with 3-4 running apps, especially when start recording the 5th or 6th track inside loopy...
so.. what do I do rather than wait for the newer A7? is it going to solve all my problems in terms of crashing and latency? or are there other methods that can take off some of the hard work?
I was hoping that I can set Loopy to record and play in MP3 but i don't think it's possible.
Thanks a Lot!

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