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An Update with FX?

edited June 2012 in General
I love this app (currently messing with it on iPhone)...so much so that I'm considering buying an iPad instead of a replacement for my current loop pedal that needs upgrading.

So wondered if a simple reverb/delay plug in will be available with the next update?
Having the ability to add in effects to loops and live vocal would make this app complete!


  • I've got an idea of having an option to replace one of the loop circles with an effect circle, that you simply tap on/off to enable/disable, or can swipe up/down to change the dry/wetness of.
  • Using the same Tap button could control the delay time. The problem i guess is how to allow the fx to carry on beyond the loop - ie you'd want a reverb to carry over the loop to stop nasty cuts at the end/start of loops.
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