Trying to work DrumJam to sync but not record.

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Here is the thing.
I play multiple instruments on the ipad with Audiobus.
When the drumjam is playing through loopy it synced through audiobus which is GOOD! BUT it also records the loop from the Drumjam (if it's still running) even when i'm playing guitar through amplitube.
make a long story short- i'm trying to run drum jam THROUGH loopy (because of the synchronization) but not to record what ever is playing because i want the drumjam to be totally independent...
I hope i made myself clear with my question.


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    Uriel, I am not near my ipad so I try to explain from my mind...

    • Start drumjam
    • Start loopy

    In Loopy:
    Go to SETTINGS >> MIDI and Set on the last entry ‘CLOCK OUTPUT’ drumjam.

    In Drumjam:
    Select SETTINGS find MIDI and set: ‘Allow Connections’, set ‘CLOCK Input’ from loopy (button turns from grey to blue).

    You don’t have to run audiobus for this setup. Now loopy sends his clock (BPM) to drumjam and drumjam will start with the beat as soon as you start Loopy. Sometimes drumjam need 1-2 seconds to synchronize. Stopping Loopy will stop Drumjam too. Drumjam will not record into loopy.

    Hope this helps,
    Greetings, JR

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