Loopy on OSX ?

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Any plans on an OSX version of loopy?


  • would be nice, there are already some adequate loopers out there, but nothing as elegant as Loopy.

    Möbius Looper is a free PC/Mac looping software http://www.circularlabs.com/

  • DebDeb
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    yeah...i'll check it out, but without audiobus it needs to host FX too...

    There was an app called RAX 3 . It would be perfect if it could loop like loopy. It was an effects host / mixer. The developer implemented looping but only if you import the audio loop...so close...

  • Just found Repetito...that's the ticket...

  • Have you tried Logelloop?
    It is a very powerful Looper for Mac (they also annonce that a Pc version will come...)
    You will find a demo at http://www.logelloop.com

  • Wow,they're all made in France,so French are good at making loopers :o

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