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Changing clock length while recording ..

Well, nearly everything is in the title.

Here is a typical situation where this feature could be useful:
I have already recorded a 4 bar Bass loop, and now, i want to record a 8 bar guitar solo:

  • I toggle record for that track
  • Wait for the count-in to finish
  • And start playing my guitar part...
  • But wait, i just realize that i forget to to change the clock length from 4 bar to 8 bar ...

Actually the only solution is to erase the track and re-record it with the right clock length, but it would be very cool, if we could change the clock length while playing:
After the second bar of my guitar solo, i realize that i made a mistake with the clock length, so i increase it while recording, and the count-out will finish after 8 bar and not 4 bar .

Michael do you think this is something that can be done ?
Or maybe it can already be done, but i do not know how ...

Thanks a lot !!



  • Hi Clément - this is an interesting idea. I'll have a think about it.

  • If you have 'count out record' turned off you can record any multiple of the first loop...would that do the trick?

  • Yes, this could be a solution, but you have one more action to trigger manualy:
    Stop recording ...
    With count out enable, i just notice loopy that i want a record to start and then wait for the end of the X r Y bars to be recorded

  • Yep, the extra action is the trade off. Are you using a footswitch?

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