Loopy HD and iOS8

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Hi everybody,

I have a concern that switching to iOS8 might cause some problems with LoopyHD and/or other apps that could not be ready for it. It's such a major update, I'm kinda reluctant for now.

I already lost all my data a few weeks ago due to "random software update, it happens sometimes", I would not like it if it happened again.

What are your experience so far ?

Thank you,


  • Hi Mikro - I've done everything in my power to make Loopy play nice with iOS 8, but there remain some very serious bugs in the OS that interfere with Audiobus. I'd recommend waiting for now - there's no going back to iOS 7, so there's a big risk.

  • Thanks a lot, Michael! That's actually what I wanted to hear :)
    I'll stick with iOS7 for now.
    Thank you for your great work, though :)

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    just a poll here (4 months after this original posting): are most users now on iOS8?

    if so, has this caused any issues with LoopyHD or AudioBus?

  • Nope, works better for me than it ever did before.

  • I still haven't taken the plunge. I have an IPad 3 and Alesis iodock. Anyone else with the same setup?

  • iPad 4 running latest version of iOS 8 here. Loopy is working great for me. The main difference I noticed between iOS 8 and 7 is that chaining multiple apps in Audiobus seems to create more of a load on system resources in 8. This could just be the OS itself using more resources but I did make sure to disable all extra features like push notifications, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc. Otherwise, no obvious bugs or anything like that that I've noticed.

  • @Justajiva Ah... I was afraid of that... I'm running on an iPad2... so processor power is limited

    Anyone successfully have an iPad2 on iOS8 running LoopyHD, AudioBus, and another app or two (with AudioBus set at an acceptable buffer setting: either 128 or 256 frames) without audio dropouts?

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