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I work in a spanish radio show and I want to show how loopy works doing something like Jimmy Fallon does in his programme, a doo-wop song. Can someone upload a tutorial doing it? I tried but when I record with Loopy, one part of the circle remains blank, so when playing the recording there is a part in silence. I want to do it exactly as Jimmy Fallon, but until now it's impossible for me.

Sorry if my explanation isn't very good, my english is limitated! Thank you guys!


  • I've seen it Michael, but I don't know why I've the problem that I told you. Do you know which are the settings that Jimmy Fallon uses for his show? I want to do exactly the same...

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    They're setting a tempo first, then turning on Count In Record and Count Out Record, and using the metronome to keep time.

    So: open up Track management settings (the triangle button, then "Settings", then "Track management", and make sure "Count-in recording" is on, and "Count-out recording" is Enabled. Then, set the tempo using the tempo slider, as demonstrated in the video. Then turn on the metronome to hear a click. Use the clock length controls (x ÷ + - and 1) to set the loop length you want (in number of bars). Then, when you tap a loop, it'll count in, and record for the length you indicated.

    If you'd still like me to create a video demonstrating this, do let me know.

  • Michael, it would be great if you create a video doing "The lion sleeps tonight" step by step from the beginning, exactly as Jimmy Fallon did! So I can do it in the radio here in Spain. I've been trying, but I don't know why I couldn't. I've the settings as you've said in your comment :( Thanks a lot!!!!

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    lovely. yet so ironic.

    If any app deserves all the publicity, its Loopy for sure. It was just a matter of time before a celebrity said "Hey this app is amazing and simple, I'm going to use it on TV. twice" =)

  • Michael I'm so thankful!! And you're a great singer hahaha Thank you very much for your help :)

  • You're welcome =)

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