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Won't open

edited September 2014 in Support and Feedback

I purchased this app and it won't open. How do I either get it to open, or get my money back.


  • Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you're having trouble.

    A couple of questions. When you try to start the App, Nothing happens? No message or popup? What iDevice, iOS version, jail broken?

    Typically it is recommended to power down the iDevice completely then turn it on and try again. Next, delete the app and re download.

    As for a refund, I believe you have to go thru Apple. You should have (or with in a day) receive an email invoice from the iTunes Store with some links. I don't know the exact process, all I can suggest is to use the Contact Support link.

  • I have 7.1.2 iPad mini. I will try all the stuff you suggested.

  • Turning it off and back on did the trick. Thank you. :)

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