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IOS 8 and Bass Response ?!?!?!

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The improved bass response ( when recording via the 3.5mm input ) that was achieved on the last Loopy update seems to have disappeared with my installation of IOS8. Can you confirm that this is true? is there anything that I can do to fix it?

is there a IOS8 Loopy Update coming?


  • Try rebooting your device, @amtabuchi, and let me know if that changes anything.

  • @Michael

    Wow .. i'm amazed at your engagement with users!

    Yes sir, I did reboot and nothing changed. i notice an extreme difference while recording hand drums specifically ( bass guitar as well ).

  • btw.as a side-note. i did notice that, before this happened. i sometimes had to restart loopy to get full bass response working .....

  • Thanks @amtabuchi =)

    Hmm, okay - I'll look into this. Thanks for letting me know there's an issue.

  • Hey Michael, is the ideal solution here to use an interface that connects via Lightning? Is the bass response problem isolated to the 3.5mm is input?

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    amtabuchi, you would definitely see a significant improvement of recording quality if you use a USB or lighting interface. Any USB recording device that is "class compliant" will just work with iOS thru the lightning to USB camera kit. From there the iPad/ iPhone just handles what it receives digitally, no loss of quality. The quality will depend fully on your interface and connected hardware/ mics/ etc. (range from $80 - $1000+ depending on what you need!) Here's a list of interfaces to start with:


    The bass response issue only applies to the internal mic and 3.5mm inputs. I haven't run into any problems with that because I use the Focusrite 2i2 with my iPad.

  • Incidentally (sorry I didn't update this thread earlier) - the Measurement Mode (bass response improvement) feature was broken in iOS 8.0.x. It's fixed in 8.1.

  • Sweet thanks! I've been hesitant to update after the ios8.0 fiasco that I experienced. I will definitely get a better (lighting) interface eventually so as to prevent this from happening upon future updates!

  • Just fyi ios8.1 didn't fix this for me. I'll be saving my money's for a lightning interface

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