Multiple Binding Suggestion

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I couldn't find if this had been suggested before... Is it possible to assign more than one action (binding) to one key? So instead of say assigning solo track 1 to one key and restart to another. They could both be assigned to the one key, this particular combination could help with the verse, chorus, bridge issue, which I'm interested in at the moment but it could also mean binding possibilities are kept simple, so no "mute track and record on next track" binding instead the options would be to "mute track" or "record on next track" but with the multiple binding ability the user would be able to do this and come up with all sorts combinations that suit their needs. Thanks!


  • So far i can just think of a workaround. Use MIDI designer (the free version is capable enough for all this) to set up buttons, bind them to your midi commands, and add subcontrols so they also send out a second (or more) signals.

    You'll have to be a bit creative by separately assigning the signals to Loopy.

  • Ahh... At the moment I'm using a bluetooth keyboard. Is there a way to turn that into midi?

    Also apologies for not putting this in the suggestions thread. Newbie.

  • Alas, no, not so much! I do have multiple bindings on my list, though =)

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