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Loopy in background bluetooth with iOS8?

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I read somewhere that one of the new features would iOS8 activating bluetooth in background. But testing on loopy my iPhone 4s 32gb with a bluetooth keyboard and still getting the commands in the foreground.
Would have to enable or install any application or more loopy still will not work this way?


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    Hi Ronaldo,

    As far as I know, the background Bluetooth functionality you describe is limited to peer to peer communications and iBeacons. iOS will never provide background keyboard functionality, as keyboard input to anything but the foreground application doesn't make sense in the general case, even if it'd be lovely for Loopy.

    If you're after background triggering you're better off with a MIDI solution, or a device that provides a MIDI software adapter like the Blueboard.

  • Ok Michael, grateful for the return.
    I've tested Blueboard, but the pedals do not give security to know that the command was activated or not in the background. I used a lot of the Boss RC-300 and the sensitivity and response is instantaneous. Those bluetooth QWERTY keyboards respond better but lacks durability and the keys stop working. This is an issue that must be resolved urgently. Thank you.

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