help with istudio202/fcb1010 please

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If there is any istudio202 users who use fcb1010 foot controller with it, I need help. I am a total noob when it comes to this midi stuff. I have been using istudio202 with my ipad 4 for loopy hd and it works great. I just bought the fcb1010 midi foot controller and I have no idea how to connect it with the istudio202 to manipulate loopy. There is a footswitch jack behind the istudio202, is this what i hook it too or the midi in? The fcb1010 has two quarter inch jacks called switch1 and switch 2 along with the midi in and midi out, so Im not sure what I connect to here. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


  • Welcome - you will need at least 1 midi cable ( 5 pin din ) Connect Midi Out on the FCB to Midi In on the istudio202. You shouldn't need to connect the FCB Midi In to the istudio202 Midi Out. But the FCB does provide Midi Thru, so you could connect another Midi controller/keyboard to it.

    The 1/4 inch jacks on the FCB are for controlling external hardware. Provides a switch out put momentary/toggle, depending on how you program it. Not a Midi connection.

  • awesome thank you so much.

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