Line 6 FBV shortboard MK2 does NOT work with iOS7

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Hi all,

sorry for the bad news. Juts tried it out today, because i wanted to buy it to use it along with loopy HD in my iPad4 iOS7.

My setup here was: iPad 4 (lightning) iOS7, Lacie Active USB Hub, Apple´s original CCK, Apple´s original 30pin to lightning connector.

I got a phonecall as well today from Line6 Support, telling me, the FBV shortboard MK2 was not made for iOS devices. So there will be no compatibility in the future!

The only Solution would be to downgrade the iPad ti iOS6. From what i heard in several forums, the shortboard mk2 runs like a charm on iOS6.


  • But does it work with iOS8? That is the question.

    I sold my FBVmk2 after upgrading to ios7 because it no longer worked. But maybe iOS8 brought it back from the dead?

  • let´s hope. but i doubt that! may i ask which foot switch do you use atm?

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    ATM none because I am having issues with my setup due to iOS8 updates so I am waiting that out and playing with my real guitar rig for now. But I use a custom controller built from a korg nanokontrol.

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