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SUS record in Loopy HD

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Hi folks,
I'm new to loopy and still kicking its tires to make sure it's right for me.

One thing I'd like to do is toggle record with a note on message and toggle record off with a note off message so that audio is recorded only when I'm pressing down on a note.

While the midi binding seem to allow this in principle, I haven't had any success yet by assigning the note on and off messages to "toggle record".

Any hints? Can this be done with loopy?


  • ok, I did some more testing and if I remove the note on binding and keep only the note off, it's pretty clear what the issue is... The note off binding is activate as soon as I press down on the key... that is the note on will trigger the note off binding.

  • As for the Note On triggering the Note Off binding, I believe there is a post here from @Michael that that was done on purpose. Don't recall the reason. I can reproduce this, but it does not interfere with what you want to do.

    I tried this with an Alesis Q25 keyboard, Griffin Studio Connect, iPad Air (7.1.2),Loopy HD (1.4.10). Note On and Note Off bound to Toggle record. Worked as expected; hold key down and recording starts, let go of key and recording stops. If you press it again, Overdub will be started and stopped. The setting for record count-in/out will affect how both of these react once you tempo is set (after the first recording tempo will be set if you don't explicitly set it).

  • I'm using a KMI 12 step with an iPhone 5. I know it works, since the note on and off messages appear in loopy's binding window and I am able to bind both note on and off to toggle record. However, I do not get the result you describe. Recording starts on note on but does not end with note off.

    I've disabled count-in/count-out, so that shouldn't be the issue here.

  • I have everything under synchronize On/Enable and Count-in quantize = Clock Length. Reset Session ( no recorded tracks and tempo not set )

    Is your Tempo set or unset when you try? Any existing tracks?
    What does happen when you release the switch (Note Off) ?

  • Ok, it's probably something to do with the KMI twelve step since I was able to get the expected behaviour from another controller. It's odd that loopy should recognize the messages on binding, but not when I try to use them...

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    As far as I know, there are 2 ways to turn off a Note. A Note On command with velocity 0, or a Note Off command. Might show in Midi Monitor if there is a difference between what your KMI and other controller are sending. Perhaps both are not working in Loopy? I know my FCB only sends Note On velocity 0. I may be able to test sending a Note Off from my PC, probably not until next week.

  • Here's a what the controllers are sending (see attached image). Ch 2 is the controller that works and ch 0 is the twelve step. Only difference I can see is that the 12 step sends note off at zero velocity whereas the other controller sends it at the same velocity as the note on.

    I think you've found my problem...

  • @Michael - please take a look at this when you can.

  • Hi guys - sorry it took me this long to jump in. Weirdness indeed - @spoitras, would you mind going into Help in Loopy, then Feedback/Support, and then tap "Email Support"? This'll send me some diagnostic info that might help to get to the bottom of it.

  • @Michael, sent. Thanks for looking at this.

  • Thanks @spoitras. I'm seeing some weird discrepancies here: firstly, it doesn't look like you've got any device enabled for control input - make sure there's a tick beside the device you want to use, or it won't be active at all. I'm also seeing no bindings saved for the 12 step; only the "Duet USB" device has any bindings saved.

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