Looping cleanly with midi pedal controller

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Hello all,
So I'm running loopy hd on an ipad 2 using an fcb1010 midi foot controller to control the functions. I'm running into a problem however. I have a foot switch bound to the "record without count in" function so I can play a short phrase however fast I want to set the tempo as the beginning track. However after I press this foot switch a second time to stop the recording, loopy cuts off the last bit of whatever I just recorded. It's pretty bad, cutting off entire notes, turning something I'm playing at a moderate tempo from 4/4 time to 7/8 because it doesn't register the tail end of what I recorded. Now I'm no human metronome by any means but I am positive that I am pressing the function on the downbeat of where I want the phrase to start again (in other words, not pressing it too early). I've tried re-recording several times and it happens every time. Has anyone else encountered this problem or have any suggestions of what might be happening?


  • The first loop of the session will set the time, so there is no need to use the "record without count in" binding. Try the "toggle mute".
    I use mostly only "toggle mutes", "toggle session pauze and restart" and "rerecord" with my fcb1010

  • Thanks for the response @Tom. Not really sure how using the mute function would help with my problem, though. Can you explain a little further?

  • If toggle mute is pressed on an empty session, the loop will start recording without count in (as there is nothing to base a count in on, as the loop length is not yet set on a fresh session). Toggle mute is quite multifunctional. Its a start record, stop record, mute, unmute.. Just make sure in Track management you have synchronize tracks and count in recording on for the remainder loops.

    I never encountered your problem, but use loopy the way you describe you want to, using the "toggle mute".

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